Huge UFO filmed over New Zealand 3-Oct-2013

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting footage of a huge object slowly flying across the sky above New Zealand was recorded on Thursday, 3rd October 2013.

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  1. all these sightings of lights are very interesting but don&#39;t show anything ,one way or another.<br />I am waiting for the definitive video of a UFO in the sky, hovering, then descending. then landing and a creature emerging, with something of scale beside them and then the creature saying: &#39;Take me to Your MacDonalds. I&#39;m hungry, I&#39;ve come a long way!&quot;<br />I&#39;ll have a

  2. Nice rig you got there. You seem to be getting alot of flare with NVD. Can you use high magnification with filters instead?

  3. Nice rig. Have you tried filters on high magnification rather than just NVD. You seem to be getting some distortion there. E.G.; 127 MAk, alt/az tripod, filters,we&#39;ve tracked satellites/ space station, etc with some detail. No NVD. Takes practice and patience. In any event you got the right idea, good hunting.

  4. Good job, keep at it. You&#39;re gonna get alot of space junk, satellites and the like. It time you&#39;ll get somthong really interesting. You&#39;re on the right track. Takes patience and practice. Sort of like shooting wildlife. You can take a hundred frames and not get a keeper. Same thing here. Don&#39;t listen to the yahoos and cranks, with their stupid questions and comments. Most people

  5. IM FROM NEW ZEALAND TOO thanks dude , i have also seen lights like this in there early hours of the mornind on day break , me and a friend were out in the pines and then a huge light kinda orange simmilar to a street light and a small white light behind it about 1/5 of the size of the other, moved across the sky above us it was massive! as it went past i had an awsome feeling of euphoira . Could

  6. I have seen many strange lights in the UK. What is peculiar to them is that if they are passing by horizontally in front of you, the lights blaze continually with no flashing or diminishing. Planes, when travelling horizontally will only show partial headlights and navigation light, day or night. Either these full on lights are military or alien, no other explanation is plausible. Let’s hope we find out soon.

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