Photos of a UFO Sighted Above Caloundra, South East Queensland, Australia

Do you believe that humanity is not the only intelligent being in the universe? Do you encounter something strange such as UFO that made you believe that mankind is not alone?

Twenty-two year-old Andrew Batham believes he has seen enough evidence on the presence of extra-terrestrials when he captured a UFO on his mobile phone last Friday, November 22, 2013 around 5:30 AM.

Batham says that he was surprised to discover an unusual shape above Caloundra when reviewing his photos that he captured while experimenting something on his camera settings and left it in negative mode when he snapped pictures at the sun, above the clouds.

He is very certain that he saw a UFO in which he says that the black bit in the middle is part of the spaceship and the invisibility cloak is the coloured shape around the craft.

While Batham admits that he did not see the actual UFO in his naked eye that morning when he snapped one above Caloundra, he claims that he has seen unusual lights over the same place in the past.

Batham says that he has been taking photos in the same location, specifically in the western part of Stockland Shopping Centre, the same spot where he captured the UFO for the first time. He is very determined to continue taking photos in the shopping centre in hopes to capture more extra-terrestrial evidence.

Batham dismisses the suggestion of some sceptics that the strange image captured on his phone could have been due to light anomalies as a result of photographing into the sun. However, Batham did not dismiss the possibility of a top secret military operation that no one knows about it.

Mr Batham says that the existence of another intelligent life in the universe is very possible because the universe is very big. He says that he would submit his photos to Australian UFO Research Network.

Meanwhile, police says that no unusual sighting was reported above Caloundra on that day.

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  1. If you put the photo in Photoshopand flip it the other way from negative it's a lens flare….. It's so obvious it's ridiculous!

  2. i used to take pictures of sunsets with a Polaroid instant camera. the pictures of the suns always had black dots in the middles. it's a photographic thing that has to do with the lens and the glare. i think this is what it is here, despite it being a cell phone camera.

  3. Not anything to do with comet ison? I live in caloundra, and ive been wanting to get up early enough to see the comet but im too lazy! Not saying it is the comet, good photo though.

    • enlighten us about what is for you "a good photo"…this one is just nothing of nothing…if i give a cellphone to my dog is gonna shoot same

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