Area 51 Finally Mentioned Publicly By a U.S. Commander in Chief

Area 51 only existed to the thoughts of conspiracy theorists on aliens and UFOs for many decades as the government did not acknowledge its existence. UFO and alien enthusiasts believe that the facility housed UFO debris and alien remains and the government conducted experiments and reverse engineering on the extra-terrestrial technology.

It was only last August 2013 that the CIA confirmed the existence of Area 51. For many decades, conspiracy theorists have been obsessed with the facility claiming that the government is holding crashed UFOs and aliens there. However, despite the acknowledgement made by the CIA, aliens and UFOs are not mentioned in the declassified documents. CIA declassified documents reveal that the site served as a testing ground for aerial surveillance projects during Cold War such as the U-2 spy plane.

In 1995, President Bill Clinton had contributed to the rise of the mystery when he announced a presidential determination declaring the exemption of the site from environmental disclosure. But he never referred the facility as Area 51, instead he called it as the operation facility of Air Force near Groom Lake, Nevada. A year after the presidential determination, the blockbuster movie “Independence Day” highlighted the popular belief about the highly secured storage facility of alien spacecraft and beings.

Just two weeks ago, Area 51 finally acknowledged by a president in the U.S. for the first time in history. President Barack Obama made a reference to the southern Nevada base during the annual Kennedy Center Honors ceremony when he cracked a joke at the expense of actor Shirley MacLaine. It was the first time a U.S. commander in chief has acknowledged the facility to the public. MacLaine, the recipient of one of the five awards given during the annual ceremony, has claimed to have witnessed UFOs many times.

Obama jokingly said that he had to call Shirley MacLaine when asked about the real activity in Area 51. He said that at that moment he talked about Area 51, he became the first president to ever publicly mention the supposedly secret military facility.

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  1. see how people react when a figurehead says this? this is how the public was/is groomed to react. i think it's pretty sad. i think obama wants to say something but of course he can't. and i think Shirley is laughing because she simply cannot believe it was mentioned.

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