Video about the Alleged UFO Crash and Alien Autopsy in Russia Circulates Anew

The many decades controversy about Russian alien autopsy now comes to life again after the spread of a video online pointing out that the former world super power had known about the extra-terrestrial civilisation for decades.

Russian military was reported to have recovered remains of alien from crashed UFO in 1969 and the autopsy was allegedly conducted on the dead body. The supposed crash in the Soviet Union was reported after the UFO incident in Roswell. In July 1947 an object from the sky was discovered on the ground near Roswell, New Mexico.

Conspiracy theorists have been giving various extra-terrestrial and UFO theories about the crash but the U.S. authorities took a firm stand that the debris from the incident was from their military surveillance balloon. One of many famous theories was that the U.S. authorities recovered aliens in the spacecraft and subsequently, an alien autopsy was conducted.

Same views were embraced about the 1969 crash in Soviet Union but just like the U.S. authorities, Russian government attacked strongly the autopsy reports. TNT’s “The Secret UFO Files of the KGB” reported the incident, according to The Voice of Russia. The program was hosted by Roger Moore, an actor famously known as James Bond. The KGB reportedly has a group of people who specialise in gathering and monitoring every piece of information about unexplained and mystical phenomena reported inside and outside the Soviet Union.

The real purpose of the video circulation about the UFO recovery and the autopsy of alien remains is still not clear but questions about the incident cover-up have been newly raised.

The Secret UFO Files of the KGB

Shocking video of alien autopsy in Russia in 1969

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  1. Obviously, these little beings had forgotten to fasten their seat belts: so they were found dead, outside of their machine, which was 3/4 burried into the ground. For the autopsy, they asked a butcher, who was not even able to properly cut the breast bones, and so removed the organs blind, without inspecting how they are tied inside the body. Remind that they had excellent scientists in Russia

  2. Has anyone seen how well they can use latex in the movie industry? I think this is a hoax. Just the way the surgeon was cutting away at this model. If this was a true alien, I bet there would be several scientists at hand doing the autopsy in a less crude way, in a entirely different setting. This whole film is amateurish.

  3. Why no comments? …but surely surgeons wear tighter and more sensitive gloves than those blue garden gloves they are wearing here.And Holy cow using pliers!!!!!!!!! What a waste of time.Nice to know there was a "Greek Chorus " in the background!

  4. Artists can do amazing things today with latex and paint. The whole thing looks amateurish and staged. There would be several drs. performing the autopsy of this magnitude regarding the subject and this operating room looks like a broom closet.

  5. This video was aired 10 years ago in Discovery Channel. In fact I think is real. I don't know if every body thinks as me, but for my concern I believe more in UFO reports from Soviet Union than those from USA goverment. I think they take UFO fenomena seriously and have a lot of cases of incidents in power plants, in towns where many people had ontact and a lot of cases in space missions.

  6. Mmmmmmm it´s hard to give and answer, but for me isn´t real, this is a fake like Ray Santilli´s video from 15 years ago more or less.

  7. I'd say fake. At the beginning when the coroner is moving him around, the body is way to limp and loose, a dead body would be stiff as a board.

    • Russia 1969! Wouldn&#39;t this have been in black and white?<br /><br />All-mechanical color:<br /><br />The basic idea of using three monochrome images to produce a color image had been experimented with almost as soon as black-and-white televisions had first been built.<br />Among the earliest published proposals for television was one by Maurice Le Blanc in 1880 for a color system, including

  8. I thought it looked like real flesh at first. but what do I know about alien flesh?
    Also I doubt if a pathologist would have been poking its head around for no reason and pliers? Are you kidding me?
    Nice try Ivan!

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