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Your UFO reports: 14th December – 21th December 2013
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Bangkok,Thailand – Dec.22.2013
I am recorded this clip VDO at Bangkok,Thailand.
Please go to this Link:

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South Wales, UK – 19/12/2012
Strange ball of light hovering hundreds of feet from the ground starts brightening up and moving after minutes of stillness! What was this mysterious ball of light over Caerphilly? Its a dull light from the first few minutes then it powers up its immiting light before moving to another area! The witness has no idea what it is and links it to an actual Extra Terrestrial craft.

Youtube video link:

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Avonside,ch-ch New Zealand – 17-12-2013 about 2.15am
I was just outside taking photo’s of lightening…..and got more than I was bargaining for… wife was at my side.


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Sweden – Dec/2013
A superbright object shoots across the skies of Sweden only a few thousand feet from ground level! Suddenly it ascends into the heavens! Surely Earth has no such technology! Have we?
This object witnessed by youtube user (Viksod1) was uploaded on December 2013!
The objects is very mysterious and its minouvers are of a higher tech than what we have knowledge off!
So what was it?

Youtube video link:

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Fowler,Ca. – November 14, 2013
I have taken photo’s and videos of different types objects from my house.
I use a Digital D50 Camera. I find these objects when I look at my photos
later on my Mac computer. I usually take photo’s at different times of the day. I have pictures taken from August to now in December 2013. I have also taken pics from other cities. I don’t know why I have captured so many. I do not notice them in the sky at the time. And I make sure there are no planes around at the time. I never hear any noise and I live in the country surrounded by grape vineyards so it’s pretty quiet.


Mars – 26 NOV. 2012
Curiosity rover image in gale crater on mars. Pia 16453. 26 nov. 2012. I saw this saucer parked on the ground in this image 15 dec. 2013. As far as i know no one else has seen this saucer. 
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  1. tony; that looks like a moth that is lit up by your camera flash. janet; you say you don't notice the objects in the sky when you take the photos, yet you are taking the photos of the objects, so you must have seen them! Mats; i'm sure that's just a rock outcropping. if that was a photo of a ufo on mars NASA surely would not have released it whatsoever.

    • this is what i don't get. she says she does not notice them in the sky at the time. but who would take photos, on purpose, of telephone wires and the top of a home if they weren't actually seeing something in the first place? anyways, the photos are good, i like the ufo in the fourth picture. it's on an angle.

  2. Hello. Since I did see objects showing in my photos in certain areas I would then go back and take
    more in that area. I just wanted to show that I am just taking a photo randomly and they show up in my photos.
    Yes, at times I do see see a light in the sky then I quickly take a photo. I don’t really no
    what I have captured until inspection on my computer. Thank you. Janet Darling ~ Nov. 2016

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