UFO Advocate is the New Advisor of Obama’s Administration

There’s quite a big hope for people who want the government to release its alleged documents mentioning evidence that extra-terrestrials visited Earth. Just last week, chief of staff on Clinton’s administration and UFO advocate John Podesta was named as the newest advisor of President Obama.

Sixty-four-year-old Podesta has publicly urged the U.S. government many times to release X-files that could help the scientific research about UFO phenomenon.

In a video clip from the 2009 James Fox Film, Podesta says that he know what he saw. Podesta called the U.S. government during the National Press Club conference in 2005 held in Washington, D.C. to release UFO documents that are over 25 years old.

Time Magazine listed 5 topics that Obama and Podesta previously have not agreed on:

– UFOs
– Afghanistan
– NSA Spying
– Drone Secrecy
– The American Political System

Is Podesta’s stance on UFOs still the same now that he seemingly has Obama’s ear? Will the former White House chief of staff use his new position to connect closely to the president with this topic?

Part of the answer might depend on whether there are truly UFO secrets to declassify or Barack Obama will even consider declassifying such documents.

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  1. Good cop bad cop…but treat them like mushrooms. What they don't understand is they are being watched by them. Snowden will release some info soon. Then they will be forced to talk about it. There are "common people" who know.

  2. I've wondered about Snowden and what he may know of this topic. I believe that government does not talk of any backroom deals with any nation/species, until a whistle blower shows up or a member of the alliance goes rogue hindering the agenda. Basically, the arrangement comes back to bite them on the ass and they are forced to publicly address the issue. Iran/Contra, Noriega and Iraq come

  3. There are so many people alive today, who have witnessed, with their own eyes extraterrestrial craft, I think those who continue to deny the overwhelming evidence should prove that "we" are all nutjobs or not intelligent enough to recognize objects that defy human capability, as we understand it to be. There isn't a person on the planet who can explain away all that is going on, in

  4. No doubt that the US government knows about the UFO phenomenon, of course they know, and they know all about it, more that we even think, in fact many of them in power aren't even human, they are the "aliens", So I mean don't be silly, do not expect them to release any information about the matter. Can't you realize what's happening, it is pretty evident that if they

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