Disc-shaped UFO caught on tape over Lithuania – 2012

flying saucer
UFO videos – Interesting footage of some kind of a flying saucer flying across the sky above Lithuania. This was taken on 11th April 2012.

Witness report: I was at home when spotted object in the sky. Object was stationary. I took camera and went to balcony. I observed obj. about 1 hour. During whole observation obj. hanged in same position. Moment, when object left I didn’t see.
Note: If I’m sure during 2012 Google made its street view in Lithuania, maybe it was Google device? 

Author (source: mufon)


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    • there is no floating space debris within our atmosphere. floating space debris is way out there in geo-stationary orbit. there are many odd shaped ufos. i saw one that looked like an upside-down telephone pole. then i saw a picture of an artist's rendering of a ufo with the exact same symbol on it!

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