Flying saucer filmed over Bova Beach in Florida 22-Jan-2014

flying saucerSubmitted by: UFODI
Sighting location: Boca Beach, Florida
Date: 22/01/2013Report: Huge UFO Over Boca Beach Florida, South Pavillion 22/Jan/2013
A startled couple where shocked to witness a bright disc come from the sea and ascending slowly over Boca beach, south Pavillion Florida.
Recording the event which is short, the couples reactions were that of being starstruck, the footage is short, But clearly a disc shaped bright object is there out at sea and it resembles nothing of Earthly aircraft.

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  1. Actually it could be the fucking moon. With nothing in the foreground to monitor its size or movement it's hard to tell what it is.

    • actually now that i've checked, it can't be the moon. in january the full moon was on the 15th. this is dated the 22nd, which means we would not be seeing the whole top of the moon like this. we would only be seeing a pointy piece of the waning moon.

  2. too bad it's so short. why did you stop it so soon, as it was appearing to get bigger and brighter? could you have been looking at the sea's horizon, way out there, with a distant cruise ship on it?

  3. It is not the [bad word] moon. That girl wants her kudos and give them right [bad word] now. Little Miss potty mouth kind of ruined it for me.WTF!

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