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Your UFO reports:18th January – 25th January 2014
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Austin, Texas – 1/26/14
Me and my security partner saw to orange bright lights traveling north east in the sky they flew over the UT CAMPUS and the capitol complex.

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McArthur Park In Los Angeles – 26 January 2014
Gathered today at McArthur Park with Robert Bingham, John Lauro, John Graf, Grant Ibriham, William Roehling, Alma (ATMA) Roehling and Jessie Contreras for a day of UFO Summoning and filming. It was a cloudy day and a little rain drizzle here and there which took away from more possible sightings. I was able to capture this UFO as it provided us with its presense.


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Denia, Spain – 20 January 2014
[direct translate from Spanish] Monday, 20 January , I was in my car with my girl and the dog, in Denia, near a restaurant called Mena, were about 20 and 15 hours, look to my left when a white light that changed intensity and color, began to look with curiosity, was perched at a reasonable height above the dim light of two ships that emit a red light , finding these not far from the lighthouse with a powerful green light … the object emitted a glow began to be white and blue , and suddenly disappeared , without more, pensándome would be a star and the clouds would plug me light , however that bright object kept appearing disappear static always appeared in the same place , but derrepente issued a red light , changing back from white to red but shining bright , and again the light faded leaving a more powerful red light spot that the 2 boats sailing under , that red light went forth , just like that, another same light intensity and color parallel to the sea began to approach the coast with great speed , leaving the main object static motionless where ever , at this time I discuss my girlfriend was going very rare, you indicate those 2 lights static and the other heading to the coast , the object remained static again increase its brightness and stayed there watching my girl , and out of the car telling him to encumber ran for the ride, trying to get closer to the object to encumber with a camera phone because it was aware that it would not look well in the dark , during the race I ran with 2 runners with whom I almost crashed because it ran looking at the lights , and one which approached the coast disappeared … stop watching it and that’s it, then having traveled about 60 or 70 meters running down the walk I started to tax , in the video you can see your breath and rest because I was running , not seen in mobile, did not come to grasp that strong reddish light that was still resting on 2 boats , just catch the light reached the lighthouse in the video, but derrepente the red light began to grow in a huge way emitted lot of light, so light mobile got to tax it and what you see in the video, on the run only see the light of green light and the light of UFO increasing in brightness incredibly , this object emitted a lot red light and before my eyes disappeared and was not , I walk back to the car after waiting as it reappeared and apparently discussed.

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Miami beach, Florida – 19 Jan 2014
On jan 19 I saw at 10.15 pm orange lights like 10 of them over the ocean I am in Miami beach same lights same time as a resident of boca raton saw while he was walking his dog I am glad some body saw what I saw .

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Between the Grand Canyon and LA – January 14th 1:30 patI was flying from Chicao to LA. Shortly after flying over the Gran Canyon I saw theses bright lights.



east Rutherford, NJ – 1/9/14 10 58 am
i only saw this photo today on my i phone! i took this photograph about 7 to 10 days ago while driving on rt 3 west. i now know that date of the photo was 1/9/14. i remember seeing up ahead of me near giants stadium this odd thing up in the sky but I was driving on the highway and couldnt look at it . as i approached i had my cell out and got one blind shot off while driving. i never noticed the shot i took because i thought it was going to be this large helicopter that was also in the sky.

i now know this is what was on my camera. i remember as i passed, seeing the large unusual helicopter in the sky thru my sunroof. and thought how odd, i have never seen this big military looking helicopter here before but maybe the giants were doing something with it for the super bowl ??

however, this is not the helicopter I saw by any stretch? i believe it was sitting still in the sky . there were no marks or chips on my windshield that i can think of and that close of a focus would look different . i cannot figure out what this is.


Macclesfield, UK – 25 Dec 2013
Hi i have a video and some photos of what i caught above my parents home on xmas eve in macclesfield UK at 3:15 am i cannot send video via here i can email it but here are the photos


Alaska Canada – 28/Nov/2013
Thanksgiving evening, 2013. My five-year-old son caught a glimpse of these bright orange orbs appearing out over the ocean, from our home on Cook Inlet, Alaska. They lasted for several minutes–long enough for me to get the camera. Thought they might be particles from Comet ISON. At first, there were about a dozen of these strange lights… the smaller orbs moved into the larger ones, as though they were being, “drawn in” to them. Still not certain what they were… but, fascinating!

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Orange County, California – 23/Sep/2013
Light in the sky. Don’t know what it is. Flying low and slow hovering and then fly’s away.


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Butte, Montana – oct.15,2009
I was taking pix of “the lady of the rockies”,here in BUTTE,MT.,& didn’t see this until i uploaded the pix onto computer.this is the very first “object”,i have ever caught on camera.,or have EVER seen..period.before this-i hadn’t really given the subject much thought..since then-i have captured MANY “objects”,that are unexplained….i liken it to a very large,end of a screwdriver. it seems to be about the size of a volkswagon. no clue whether it is “falling”,”ascending”,moving horizontal,vertical..,as i did not see it in the view-finder,or “moving”..back then i sent it to mufon,& a couple of other ufo websites..


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