Huge flying saucer photographed over Hamtramck, Michigan 15-Jan-2014

flying saucer
Flying saucer over Michigan?
This interesting photo of a huge disc-shaped UFO hovering in the sky above Hamtramck in Michigan was taken on Wednesday, 15th January 2014.

Witness report: During the evening just before a large snowstorm hit Detroit i witnessed this object from my upstairs south window.
It appeared to hover over the houses .I managed to take one picture from my itouch looked down to check my picture it was gone when i looked up the reflection of my hat can be seen in window

Author (source: mufon)
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  1. I&#39;m not sure what I&#39;m looking at. The light is on the street. There&#39;s a cloud immediately above and slightly left of the mans head. Above that seems to <br />be the reflection of his smoke detector inside the home. Anyone help me out?

  2. Common dude, really? I saw this with another photo where some guys were on a bus and used the ceiling light as a UFO. It is obvious the guy is taking a picture out the window and the reflection in the background is light bulb on the ceiling. Matter of fact, I think it is the old fashion style light bulb which one day may become an unidentified object, but not yet. This kind of reporting

  3. where s the disc..sorry the only object i see up on the left is a reflection of a lamp on the ceiling of his room..if that supposed be the ufo well, another joke for dummies..

  4. hahhaaha – so funny that this site even includes these clear cut misidentifications – i still like them for the brief moment of wide-eyed &#39;holy moses&#39; belief this could be real and looking so clear and defined, before the obvious reality kicks in – anyway, I don&#39;t blame the taker – a lot of people have a bad habit of believing just their own eyes rather than a combination of logic,

  5. definately a light fitting with a lamp in it reflection behind ur back or a carbon monoxide detector not a ufo sorry excitements over .

  6. how embarrassed this guy must be, to be discredited so quickly and easily. i think Lufos put this here just so we all could tell him how silly he is.

  7. It looks like a reflection of a smoke detector or a light fixture. If thats the object in question. Other than that, i don’t see anything.

  8. Obviously a reflection of the light fixture on their ceiling.
    Shame..its this kind of bs that she’s a poor light on serious ufo enthusiasts

  9. Yah, like I tell all my friends looking for Bigfoot & the paranormal, pics just don’t cut it anymore in this day of photoshop. You need original, raw video footage to even be considered, and then there’s the battery of tests on the video, the time code, etc.. Chemical & radioactive evidence will help any UFO credibility – check the Detroit City Airport – did their radar catch anything the same time you saw the UFO? Other witnesses? There’s all sorts of scripture, legend & sightings out there – would be good to have credible evidence or disclosure. In 5 years when you’re cruising down that lonely backroad, be sure to have your video camera ready!

  10. Are you all blind? He isn’t talking about thrrflectionnof the light bulb. Look at the top left corner at the thing that looks like a blimp.

  11. Substantial prob with the photo: circular object near top left in frame appears to possess the same dim lighting and soft focus as the reflected image of the observer inside his room; both appear to be inside the room. The key light source direction in the interior reflection scene is the same for the object and the observer. The round object appears to be attached to the ceiling behind and above the observer.

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