Cigar-shaped UFOs filmed oved Utah Canyons – February 2014

cigar ufo

This cigar-shaped UFO was recorded over Utah Canyons in February 2014. Not far from Area 51 and close to Nevada there are many interesting places like Brice Canyon National Park. Brice Canyon National Park was exactly where this video was recorded.

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    • I thought so too, the only earthly thing I can think of is a cruise missile test, it looked just like that to me, and it's in the right area for it.

  1. I would associate these type cigar-shaped crafts to be ancient vessels occupied by the High Order and Royal species of Reptilians .. just as the original Annunakian Reptilians whom were and will be again true guardians of the inner earth’s core and the alliance of sun star colonies .. as all diabolical alien species of reptilians are removed from set of government control..

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