Amazing UFOs filmed over Vancouver, Canada 16-Feb-2014

Canada UFOsUFO sightings 2014 – New interesting video of a strange objects flying across the sky above Vancouver, BC, Canada on Sunday, 16th February 2014.

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    • birds do not fly in a tight straight line like this! i see migrating birds in my part of the world often and they just don't do that. they're not like fish, who all move at once in large groups.

  1. might be the four horsemen of the apocalypse .or the four musketeers or just four unknown objects or lights connected to one ufo ship ? juries out on this one folks.

  2. They look like flapping birds! Surely these people can see that thy are birds?I live on the Prairies in Canada, and for the most part the skies are very clear, (therefore little perspective at times) and I have often seen flocks of geese and pelicans flying in formation, seemingly doing acrobatics AND they can shine like metal at certain angles. But if you watch them, carefully you do see that

  3. Birds, call the cops..No wonder prescription med's cause the greatest harm in western society..Personally the footage is very interesting, & warrants a deeper analysis..And when you start seeing these unexplained objects in the sky on a consistent basis, your increased awareness has no boundaries..

  4. Saw the same thing last year but only the first light and end light with a space in the middle moving across the sky late at night. Thought at first they were man made orbiting sats but I dont think sats are that close together and on the same path. Moved so fast that by the time I went in and got the camera they were almost out of sight.<br />

  5. The old &#39;flapping bird&#39; story. People just can&#39;t get their tiny little brains around the concept of a real ufo. Therefore they go with the &#39;bird&#39; tale. Birds don&#39;t glow at night. God help us all for having to read the dribble.

  6. There are possibly a dozen more of them in this picture, just fainter. They look exactly like what they are, photographic pixels, which routinely show up when you take an image and blow it up to almost microscopic size and then dream up a spacecraft. Again, if you are approached by aliens who want to give earth a gift, tell them we need a camera that is worth a damn. All we are ever shown is

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