Fast UFO caught on tape over Bartow, Florida 15-Mar-2014

UFO videos – New footage of a very fast object flying across the sky above Bartow in Florida. This was recorded on Saturday, 15th March 2014.

Witness report: I was testing a new quadracopter and camera platform, just taking some random videos about 500′ or more. I did not witness it at the time of the flight. It was not until I started going through the video that I noticed something odd. What struck me was the speed, based on distance covered and time elapsed, which I have calculated to be around 920mph. It moved in a straight line until I turned my camera away. It appears to be a small orb traveling northwest from a local lake just above the tree tops. I don’t know if it’s ‘other-worldly’ but I cannot explain it and thought that maybe you guys might have seen something similar in the past.

I am sending an edited video just to show the interesting part but I can also make the original, unedited video available. It is well over a gigabyte so I’ll wait to see if you need it.

Note: Watch in full screen & HD!

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  1. No idea what it is. Clear & stable vid with some good support work done. Great job, need more people doing this kind of thing. "Lights in the sky", are good, but this is way better, make you think

  2. i do not understand what you mean when you say it is moving very fast. if you are seeing the same thing that we the public is seeing, then i must say the light isn't even moving. in fact it's looking quite stationary, and it's not the light that is moving to the left, it's your quadracopter's camera turning to the right.

    • If you are going to spell check the entries on the site at least use proper grammar and Capitalize where sentences begin.

    • do you always answer questions with questions? if i correct a spelling error, i do it for the benefit of the person who made the mistake, and i'm always friendly about it, especially if it's a funny one. i'm not scolding anyone, and i don't need to be called on it. just ignore me.

  3. O'l Fred gots to get some new glasses I guess cause I can't see nothing…The Mrs. says taking takin fiber and eating prunes gives a fella 20/20 vision……

  4. I live in north Florida 35 miles from Veldosta GA.In the country,I look every night for strange objects.5 years here i have seen(0).

    • And we live in the city near Jacksonville, and we see them all the time even under light pollution. So you aren't looking enough, especially if you live in a rural area with open and dark skies. We lived in southeast GA and saw green UFO's numerous occasions, as well as other objects. I'm from Cleveland and witnessed a dark gumdrop descend from peculiar clouds in broad daylight. Look

  5. Point of interest; I have never heard of a sonic boom associated with ufos, which apparently travel at incredible speeds. If this object was indeed traveling at over 900 mph and creating no noise, it makes me wonder if anyone on earth has that technology?

    • Say now that's a good point. Now if these folks got themselves vehicles that can fly at mach 10 or better in this o'l worlds atmosphere, stop on a dime and shoot up at right angles, then the technology they use negates air pressure and gravity pressure. If not them fellas is gonna look like hamburger and raw sausage on the floor. Now o'l Fred has pulled a g or two in his Caddy

  6. Didn't see anything until it was slowed down to quarter, but still a very fast moving object and for it to be flying so low makes you wonder…..

  7. in the Bible, it was documented upon several occasions describing quote unquote Lords of the air, and ancient Egyptian art inside of the pyramids too, show spacecrafts in the sky. for the distance away from that bright orange light, it is very, very large. but if you notice, it does move. it becomes elongated for a moment, which in my opinion would mean that yes it moved.

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