Aircraft Cloaking Technology May Have Involved On the Malaysian Airlines Disappearance

The Boeing 777-200 took off at 0:41 AM in Kuala Lumpur International Airport for Beijing but did not reach its destination as it went off the radar nearly an hour after it took off. It vanished in the middle of its flight with 239 passengers.

The plane is yet to be found despite dozens of ships and planes from various countries have joined the search. However, some people already concluded that flight MH370 may have been diverted intentionally as part of an experiment by the military.

A Texas-based company Freescale Semiconductor introduced an innovative and advanced electronic weaponry (EW), which is mainly designed to cloak aircrafts. Twenty of the 239 passengers of the Malaysian jet are experts from the company. This fact has triggered multiple conspiracy theories.

Many believe that the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines plane is similar to the incident involving USS Eldridge on October 28, 1943. It is believed that the U.S Navy in Philadelphia conducted what was called Philadelphia Experiment which allegedly resulted to the disappearance of an entire naval vessel during an experiment of radar-cloaking technology.

The EgyptAir flight 990 carrying 217 passengers and crew crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on October 31 1999 on a route from New York to Cairo. The result of the investigation only revealed years later by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board. It was concluded the co-pilot committed suicide after being reprimanded for sexual misconduct and after learning that it could be his last flight.

The Air France flight 447 on a route from Rio to Paris mysteriously crashed on June 1, 2009 with 228 people on board in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Rescuers found some remains of the plane five days later but it took investigators two years to find the block boxes.

The US Airways exploded in the air in 1999 with 132 passengers on board on a route from Chicago to Pittsburgh. The plane was about to land when the explosion happened. It took four years before the investigators concluded that it was due to mechanical failure.

The PanAm flight 103 exploded over Scotland on December 21, 1988 after a terrorist attack. No one from 243 passengers managed to survive. It is presumed that the pilot had no chance to send an emergency signal. Malaysian security experts said that disappearance of MH370 has some similarities with PanAm as they have not ruled out hijacking.

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  1. A Cloaking device? the Philadelphia experiment.Get Real!!!! Lives have been lost!<br />Mostly probably, as some experts are saying, that it had a massive electrical failure and lost communication and navigation.<br />I think something like this happened or it blew up in midair,or it&#39;s in the vast ocean. Terrible tragedy , whatever the cause. Condolences to all concerned.

  2. Let&#39;s see, you can&#39;t trust government, church, spouse, family, neighbors, pets, post office, radio, TV, net, dentist, doctor, weather, air, water(fresh/salt). I&#39;m sure there&#39;s more. My point? What a wonderful world.

  3. you know what&#39;s sad? how much CRAP is floating around in our oceans we see, looking for this jet&#39;s remains.

  4. A Douglas DC6 that belonged to Argentina Air Force, with 64 cadets and crew dissapeared in 1965 over Costa Rica, and since that year there has not been any notices regarding the cadets, crew and the plane. A real mystery..

    • it must&#39;ve crashed in super deep jungle, and back then we couldn&#39;t find them at all, then more jungle grew up around the crash site! sounds kind of like something from Indiana Jones!

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