Daytime UFO activity in the sky above Los Angeles, California 7-Apr-2014

ebanySubmitted by: Jonatha

Sighting location: Los Angeles, CA
Date: April 7, 2014


Report: Here’s a new UFO capture of an large white Ebani outside of my home in Los Angeles CA. Filmed on April 7, 2014.

After arriving from work today (03-07-2014) I proceeded to sit in my front porch here in East Los Angeles and proceeded to Summon. A few minutes later I noticed with the naked eye a white object next to the moon. I zoomed in with my camcorder and noticed it was a white Ebani UFO. This is the second Ebani I have filmed. My first Ebani was the orange tube one from last year. This video is 11 minutes long, I did not shorten this video as I would like everyone to know how these Craft move in many intelligent angles and also form different shapes. Thank you and enjoy.

For those who may not know, “Ebani” is a spanish term which means (Entidad Biological Anomalous No Identificada), Simply an “Unknown / Unidentified Flying Biological Anomaly”.


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    • You should do your research online and on my channel for your understanding and awareness in regards to these entities. Judging only immediately by appearance is the main basis of ignorance.

    • You should do your online research along with research of my channel to get an understanding of what you are viewing. Dont be ignorant, first research.

    • Crap?? You're another person that needs to do their own research in regards to these entities. Research online and my channel and get your head straight. You should not be worrying about my daughter.

  1. are you sure this is a living being? i can or cannot claim them to be balloons. i guess i have to see one for myself. it's very strange for sure.

  2. well, I did see something weird in the sky, while 4am security of the airport was pulling people inside quickly my wife and i plus others yes we did see a weird metal tower in the sky, very close, for a second able to see it in details, but, but, to even give a name, to what might be just balloons in the sky, even call 'em ebani..ebani what ? and telling people what "ebani" suppose

    • Insane is when your mind remains closed and boxed. Insane is working everyday like a robot. You speak from arrogance. Research and you'll learn one day.

    • Listen Jonathan, u NOT talking to dummies, so let me tell u that U boxing your mind, actually u look arrogant, since u talk to everybody as they don't know what u instead sure know..sure..and giving something u see in the sky, and u don't even know what it is, a name, building up fantasies bout that, well, it's not forbidden, all children do that..children though..but keep denying

    • We have open minds, but we also have open eyes, and see your fraudulent attempts to spin UFO disinformation, with monetized videos for what they are. 110% complete BS.

  3. There are two intelligent life forms spoken of in historical text and biblical text other than human, they are angels and demons. Use whatever other name you desire to identify them, one is evil and one is good. I'm open to at least consider the possibility that some of the time we just might be seeing one or the other among ufos.

    • You see high tech extra terrestrial life in balloon strings and I see Deity in the E.T. who visited here 2000 years ago and sacrificed his life on the cross, not for gold or personal gain but to give the human race hope. Hope for eternal life in a dimension of reality outside our dimension. Some call it heaven. Conditioning not hardly, Faith you bet.

  4. Ive seen this out in orange county ca. I couldn't make out what it was. Strange is all I came up wirh. Great footage

  5. Jonathan, I don't see a reason to go to your site for research, I'm not interested in anyone else's explanation of what they don't know, how can anyone come to an intelligent conclusion based on this video? This object has the appearance of a string of pearls, in other words, like a lot of balloons glued together or tied together in some way to resemble a worm. I don't buy it

    • EXACTLY! It's SO blatantly obvious these are ballons and this guy's making money off his fake vids. We need to call these hoaxers out by name: JONATHAN CASTRO + InfamousFanClub are in the same circle of frauds. HEADSUP

  6. Thats your opinion. Dont buy into anything. Just do your own research and open that mind. You'll figure this out one day.

    • I enjoy the comedic quality of your videos, your children in the background gives the audio a touch of professionalism and credence. A laugh a day keeps the Doc away keep the video rolling, maybe next time consider adding some 50's era background sci fi music along with the children having a water balloon fight.

  7. It consistently rotates clockwise with some variation on the ends. It appears to me to be a string of metallic colored balloons reflecting the sun light and moving along the air stream. I suggest looking for the plane that may have had streamer and balloons in tow advertising for Fred Sausage and the Mrs. the fella probably is searching for his balloons right now and sweating profusely over

  8. johnathan. this is a site of speculation only. people are allowed to give opinions on what they see. please don't take offense by the comments. if you feel you saw an elbani, then that's fine. people laugh at me when i tell them i've seen 4 ufos. i don't care if they think i'm nuts! when people get arrogant with you don't tell them they're ignorant because that just

  9. Say now Johnathan you gots to have some fun with that camera and don't take nothin to serious… have a good time and once in a while head to the beach and take some video of them pretty gals in that southern cal. sunshine….then show them to your Mrs. the way o'l fred do…..

  10. I've seen something similar here in the Phoenix area. I can understand the predisposed disbelievers, and their cognitive dissonance problems. While we have MUFON available for reporting UFO sightings, they have NARCAP, where they've wordsmithed UFOs into UAPs, as in unexplained aerial phenomena. I've had a couple of occasions where people have figuratively "wet their britches&

  11. Can somebody give this idiot a dictionary or something so that he can at least learn another word apart from research? May I suggest he looks under C for Cretin? Go and research yourself asshole.

  12. Did anybody else notice all the straight lines in this video? I recently shot a video of a ufo. I started noticing straight lines in the sky, and what looked like staircases, and prisms. I had missed these things several times. I now think these lines are the bigger picture (they are hiding something).

  13. I saw the exact same thing, except for the color. What I saw was more silver-like. I was working in Solano county, California. I was at the top of what is called Twin Sisters, one of the highest points in the area. The object moved in a similar manner. I had no idea what it was, but it was close enough to see easily with the naked eye. this was not a string of balloons. it was very cylindrical in shape. i watched it for about ten minutes as it moved across the sky.It may very well be man made, but I was not imagining this object.

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