Latest crop circles from Italy and Czech Republic – June 2014

crop circles

  • June 20; Pontecurone, Piemonte, Italy
  • June 28; Boskovic, Czech Republic


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  1. josuuv. you have absolutely no idea what you are saying. if you made an effort and took the time up to read about crop circles and why they are, you wouldn’t dismiss it so casually and without regard.

  2. I believe that these are being made by E.T.’s..Too intricate of patterns for a human to make in such a very short time to make it..These signs have significance, but of what significance, unknown..Numerical, mathematics, and diagrams of differing solar systems..

  3. I´m not really sure if they are e.t. graffitis, or kind of something that nature does.

    About that czech circle. I read on a german site yesterday that there are many geometrical inaccuracies in this circle, which means that this one propably is man-made.

    Am 28. Juni 2014 wurde dann in einem Feld nahe Boskovic in der Tschechischen Republik eine nicht nur für dortigen Kornkreis-Verhältnisse auffallend große, windrosenartige Formation entdeckt. Während zunächst die Größe von wohl mehr als 100 Metern Durchmesser beeindrucken kann, zeigt das Muster selbst doch an vielen Punkten ebenso auffallende geometrische Ungenauigkeiten. Bislang liegen nur wenige Informationen zu diesem Kornkreis vor. | Copyright/Quelle: J. Parma und L. Sušil /

    At June, 28th 2014 a cropcircle was found in a field near Boskovice in the czech republik, which not only for cropcircle-circumstances there was a remarkable big kind of cropcircle in shape of a wind rose.
    While at first the size from maybe more than 100m in diameter might impress, the design itself shows at many spots remarkable geometric inaccuracies. Up to now there are not much informations about this circle.

    I hope my english is not too bad, i just tried to translate.

  4. A video taped was filmed with 2 orbs flying over a field and as they flyed over the field the crop circles were formed. The video showed the craft and the formation of the crop circle at the same time. It was shot from a hill above the field and has a valid perspective of both references.
    As James says they are to complicated for humans to have created them.

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