Daytime UFO activity filmed in the sky above Sherman Oaks, California 29-Jun-2014

california ufos

These strange colorful objects were recorded flying in the daytime sky above Sherman Oaks, an affluent neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of the city of Los Angeles, California. Filmed on Sunday, 29th June 2014.

Witness report: Saw some amazing orbs in the sky yesterday. I was perched on a high ground when i noticed these orbs rise up together in the distance and then even out and float together, which i know balloons dont do! They had a brilliant glow to them like watching a star in the sky only this was day time. As i was video taping them i noticed another orb materialize as it got closer to the orbs then faded out as it moved away. After zooming in i noticed that there were actually three objects, the two yellow orbs and a sky blue diamond shaped object in the middle. They floated till they were straight up on top of me then stopped which made it very hard for me to video tape without straining my already strained neck. I observed them for almost an hour laying on the ground as they slowly faded away. It seems the sky is full of them but no one bothers to look up for too long.

Author (YodaVon .VaderWalker @ youtube)

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  1. Why the supposedly UFO’s are only seen and filmed in USA?
    Why there is no UFO activities in other parts of the world?
    Why are the Governments afraid to disclose the facts about UFO activity if it is true?

    • What You talk about Willis ?? There’s Stacks of Sighting here in Australia !!..I think they are checking how much Gold we have left ??

  2. looks like ur regular triangle type craft then the shakings distorted these images pity he couldnt have held his hand still ? keep an open mind on that this video .

  3. Well, that was not what you think, for sure man made just to have what the squirrels are also searching for….and get a tri-pod

  4. Yeah possible searching for gold or other resources but im sure with the limited amount of gold here on our small earth could have here there av’s could travel further in search for larger quantities on larger planet like places. Dating back sometime throughout ancient arts and caves paintings of spacecraft like ships ,indigenous people from many different places all had ancestors long ago who talk of space gods. Pyramids lining up with stars , alot triangular formations are spotted. Pyramids are ancient so if we go back before what we know about electrical powers and building such structures as these. IM thinking along the lines of this planet may mean alot more to them then just gold. Maybe life prior to The dinosaurs existence. Obviously not saying the meteor showers hit them but possibly advanced travel helped them move on to develop different life forms such as dinosaurs,sea creatures humans and other animals that we share the earth with at present time. We are well over due for a natural disaster here on planet earth research it. I think we need to look into reserving what’s left and let life flourish before we destroy it. So be it if natural strike but we aren’t just leaving foot prints here anymore are we? We need to advance now! The universe is ours to explore ih the correct mind frame. Otherwise governments will keep us in the dark because they mighten be to control us if you and i unlock the truth about space travel and magnetic propulsion systems. We’re pushing it i think bby staying here. The ozone is not repairing its self and we’re not any better with air pollution and safer eco systems. Although its all possible to achieve and in some cases I’ve heard is being used. Free energy!! I think the out side life forms maybe saying we can’t fail like dinosaurs??? Or will we? Time to wake up i think, look up and pull the blanket from over your eyes coz we have been distracted for too long. Its up to us though. They won’t help anymore. Last piece of the puzzle, it has to fit. We know of other planet like places and technology is available to build and research the necessary elements of this project. Otherwise self-destruction may beat the natural disasters that could be waiting around the corner. Basically, they will guide us but they can’t do everything for us. I believe in change, isn’t change history? We can’t fail after all this time. They have been watching us from the start and have seen usgrow with modern development. Maybe weren’t not ready just yet but starting from here on we’ve gotta seek beyond this home if we want to survive. A et hoax apparently will occur soon to reinstall fear of extraterrestrial invasion. Thanks to our government. Don’t worry we have been fooled for our intire existence by this. Et’s could wipe us out, now or even back @the start of time. They haven’t though have they? No , what i hear is that we are to hostile to leave here. It makes sense, we kill our own kind and not to eat either. How we meant to survive? War? After every war we say this will settle all wars. War is the biggest money pit.just go outside and look up for awhile in the night sky . You know what shooting stars look like as they enter our atmosphere right? Well these shoot across all different ways brightness varies. You’ll see trust me!peace!

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