Triangle-shaped formation hovering above Tallahassee, Florida – April 2014

triangle ufo
New video of an unidentified flying objects hovering in the sky above Tallahassee in Florida. This was recorded back in April 2014.
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  1. If it is not alien, what is it then??????? So far, 12 people have marked this vid not alien, but 16 have marked it real. What is it then????

  2. what’s wrong can’t you focus it in the middle, and not let it frustratingly veer to the left?? other than that bad focus job, (because actually it’s nice and clear) it looks entirely real.

  3. I look for unnatural movement ( not just being blown by the wind) and this video seems to have that. The bottom 2 lights seem to move independently closer and further away from each other. I like it.

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  5. I always have a problem with lights flickering out like that, it says flame to me. Another thing is the fact they keep the lights on the left side as if they’re trying to hide something to the left. I can’t say these lights are UFO’s, there’s just not enough evidence of it.

  6. To believe that THIS human race is at the top of the cosmic food chain is like believing Obama has our country’s best interest’s at heart! “God” most likely is an “alien” and that makes us “aliens in his image”. Just like in Sesame Street, “one of these things does not belong here…” with that thing being human beings!

  7. Me and my brother saw the same thing. We were standing on my porch on Jackson bluff road in Tallahassee during a Florida state game. These objects flew right over the stadium. Unlike any flying object we’ve seen before. The movements were precise and deliberate.

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