The Mystery Behind The Story of UFO Underground Base In Antarctic

Antarctic UFO base

Antarctic underground base, the Thule Society, the Ahnenerbe Society, and Hitler’s UFOs are not new to UFO enthusiasts and to some wide reader people.

A YouTube video, which lured thousands of viewers, discusses the mysterious organization of the Third Reich, the Ahnenerbe Society. It also features the involvement of the organization in developing UFOs and the obsession of Hitler to disclose the secret information on the Antarctic. Hitler’s obsession was triggered by the discovery of Piri Reis Map. The map shows the area 300 years before its discovery and before it was covered in ice. It was discovered on October 9, 1929 through the philological work of Gustav Adolf Deissmann, a theologian from Germany.

A search team was formed by Hitler and Himmler to search the area as shown on the map. They discovered cave with warm water under the ice. The cave was large enough to hide big crafts. Hitler concluded that the lost continent of Atlantis was in the Antarctic.

Hitler was more interested to find the Holy Cup as he already had the Holy Spear. Hitler seemed to believe the legend of the Holy Cup. Legend says that if someone get the Holy Cup, he will have world power. Hitler was certain that he would discover the Holy Cup in the area.

Hitler’s interest in paranormal resulted to the formation of elite group of scientists to study about the possibility of making contact with unknown beings. This group was led by Hitler, Himmler and the Ahnenerbe. However, it is believed that the team was late to realize that secret Thule Society’s members already had contact with aliens in 1919. Hitler’s group found or received some documents about the method to develop a flying disc that would bring them to space.

It is thought that Hitler’s group successfully built it but a special engine was needed, so they contacted Victor Schauberger to do the job. Schauberger built it 5 years later, according to the story. The cave could have been used as a secret UFO base at the end of the War to keep their UFO technology secret. However, the U.S. learned about this secret and sent their ships to conduct an investigation of the area as well.

When the U.S. military personnel got close to the area, they were surprised to see a large disc-shaped craft came up from the water. The UFO passed through them so fast and bent one of ship’s antennas. They lost view of the UFO and then it sent down a ray that blew up one of their ships, so the U.S. military decided to back off.

It is still unknown as to what happened to the secret base, the people around it, and the Third Reich UFOs at the base. If the story is true, then it is very possible that the Third Reich Alien Technology has been instrumental in developing the technology in the sky today.

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  1. My understanding is Antarctica was once temperate with plant and animal life in abundance. Hitler and his slackers got involved with some tall white blond gals from the North lands decided to make runs to the S. Pole to grow cigars leaves, after a time they all frost bit the tip of their Lilly and all head to Cuba..

  2. no. Third Reich Alien Technology is instrumental? no. that last sentence in the second to last paragraph blew it for me. almost comical.

  3. what are you thinking this is awful cant see anything no content no vids no anything . total junk you ruined it ,if you were trien to ruin it , well you did it. shit total shit cant stress enough .

  4. with all this talk about world governments having made some kind of agreement with these so called extraterrestial’s about they will give these governments untold technology to advance mankinds knowledge and in return they want humans to carry out experiments on just who the hell does these governments think they are GOD? i dont think so if this is true then it just goes to show how highly they think of their fellow beings yet when we ask for disclosure we are rebuked as if we are not of sound enough and stable enough mind to be told the truth yet we the people of this planet are the ones who put them into power and this is how we are treated we are of sound enough mind tio know that we dont need a ufo to land on the front yard of the white house in order to prove that these ailens do exsist because we know they do exsist so who are the ones with the brains the people or the deep state government when you want to hide something from prying eyes you hide things out of sight just like the governments doing when they build all these underground bases inorder to carry out all their illegal work with our legally hard earned taxes now all these so called peoples governments need to waken up because we are probably more intelligent than the idiots running these seceret hideouts SO ALL YOU WAKEN UP AND GIVE US THE DISCLOSURE WE WANT BEFORE THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET RISE UP AND GET IT OURSELVES

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