UFO sighting during football match in Argentina 11-Apr-2014

This bright high-speed unidentified flying object was recorded over the stadium Pedro Bidegain Bajo Flores in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This happened on 11th April 2014.

More info in the video below!

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  1. It appears that we are on the verge of something really spectacular in regards to Alien – Human interaction. The shadow governments cannot keep this a secret anymore and it's my belief that one or more species of alien visitors will make their presence known to us in several mass sightings in the coming weeks.

    • Set aside our distrust of government elites for a moment — humans everywhere should be cautious and skeptical of what any superior technology or intelligence wants with us. <br /><br />Just ask the Aztecs, Iroquois, Cherokee and Navajo how it worked out for them.

  2. sit in your chair and count eleven seconds. that&#39;s actually not that fast for an object to cover an area the size of the open stadium. nevertheless i don&#39;t know what it was. it swooped up then across so it can&#39;t be a military jet.

  3. it&#39;s very close and low to the stadium, therefore it&#39;s small and certainly not a large craft with a being inside. Probably a bird and the camera doesn&#39;t have the ability to show it clearly.

  4. May not be long to wait until they come to Kebab ever slacker who spits on public property, has obsessive compulsion to tattoo their skin, hang rings on every extremity to add a purpose to an otherwise empty existence.

  5. &#39;m Argentine and I would like to tell that in my country our military does not have enough resources to last generation fighter jets, and also remember that the location of that place is in the middle of our capital. As an argentinian i discard any &quot;flying device&quot; from our milicia.

  6. Not an insect….much too big to be one. It has a disk shape and that movement can not be copied by our noisy crafts. But what can they grasp at that velocity? They happened to fly by and wonder what that big crowd was and kept their way (LOL)

  7. Sorry folks but I sold them the tickets on condition that they did not show themselves.. You cant trust the B s can you.. Made a few bob for myself though. Thats capitalism for you. Great innit.

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