VIDEO: “Double UFO” filmed over Melbourne, Australia – June 2014

New video of a two UFOs flying at high speed in the sky above Melbourne in Australia. This was taken in early June 2014.

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  1. Maybe it was a satellite with 2 reflective solar arrays? Or maybe it was something we in the UFO community call a…….wait for it……UFO!!!! Yup! Slap another shrimp on the barbie for me mayte!

  2. I live in the western suburbs of Melbourne Australia. Was out the back last night around 10-10:30pm, having a smoke (just a normal smoke 😀 ) it was partly cloudy, as I looked at the clouds in the break of clouds a thing shot passed at great speed, it had a dark shape with an orange/red light on it. It was moving very fast, above the clouds, so I only seen it through the cloud break, it wasn’t a shooting star, as it had no burning tail or anything that even resembled burning, it had a light on a long shape. It moved so quickly if I hadn’t looked at that part of the cloud break at that very moment, I wouldn’t of seen it.

  3. That thing I seen was not a plane or a helicopter, it was silent, and moved faster than any plane I’ve ever seen.

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