Mass UFO sighting above Rome, Italy 1-Jun-2014

UFOs over Rome


This amazing daytime UFO video was recorded in the city of Rome in Italy. Recorded on 1st June 2014.
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  1. Damn Italians! Keep talking about how to focus the camera and stabilize the shot yet he can't FOCUS or STABILIZE the shot!! Looks like balloons btw…

    • I love the Italians, it's not like they have a lock on poor video skills, so I wouldn't generalize. He obviously has not had a lot of practice with his phone camera. They could be balloons, or they could also be high flying seagulls, you can see a few during the video.

    • Say now you folks shouldn&#39;t be puttin down any group of people just because some fellas got a shakey hand…. How you gonna like it when them alien fellas come to visit with technology a thousand years ahead of us fellas and say; Damn humans can&#39;t manage their planet time for us to squash em like two legged vermin…..?<br /><br />

  2. But when is the last time three balloons in the sky drew a crowd with cameras for at least 7 minutes? They must have been moving erratically (even more so than the camera is moving erratically).

  3. It&#39;s a good thing O&#39;l fred speaks Italian thanks to his pal Luigi Linquini and his bunch….. and you fellas gots to know….(UFO a forma di salsiccia sono sorvolano Italia.

  4. Awesome!…With the close up zoom you can really see the orange glowing center. Plasma? These are becoming more frequent.

  5. Balloons connected by a string. It looks as though the camera man was waiting for them to appear in the view of his camera. The delay was probably due to the wind not blowing the balloon string formation close enough for him to capture it.

  6. Yep. I bet the cameraman is either Agnostic or Athiest or something other than Christian Catholic. Balloons and string.

  7. To me this looks like the most legit and convincing UFO/Flotilla video I&#39;ve ever seen. I also read the Italian comments. The weird thing is that the guy who filmed belongs to a UFO research group himself and a colleague of his was just giving a talk on the subject. Of course, I remember the faked video from Columbia where a similar event was staged. But to stage the video in question, you&#39

  8. I wouldn’t say they were balloons or birds. Birds don’t tend to fly in sync with each other. Balloons on a string don’t tend to stop in the sky? Ufos for me.

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