Unidentified flying objects photographed over Myrtle Beach, SC 23-Jun-2014

Myrtle Beach UFO

This photos of a bright UFOs was taken over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Monday, 23rd June 2014.

Witness report: Photo taken by Mike E. Asked me to see if I could get any details from the original file. I did not witness the sighting. Photo was taken while setting camera for night photography. Mike did not see the objects at that time, only when the picture was reviewed the next day. I enhanced a copy using astrophotography techniques to try and identify. Highly unusual characteristics – what appears to be a vapor or atmospheric distortion. 6th smaller light is a blown pixel – disregard. Please send this copy to a photo analyst. – AM/PM reversed in camera setup.
I have Mike’s permission to distribute.

Author (source: mufon)


Myrtle Beach UFO
Myrtle Beach UFOs // click on the photo to enlarge!
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  1. I was at the beach during this time frame. I also have two pictures. They are very fuzzy but I believe I captured them as well.

    • A very tall invisible building? LOL. Just having a still picture to go by I’d have to say Chinese Lanterns, they are right near the amusement pier, probably launched from the beach.

  2. I saw the lights around 1030. Im glad someone got a picture of them. They hovered for about 5 minutes before disappearing. They were bright orange in color. I was just vacationing and never heard of the numerous sightings at myrtle.

  3. It’s really bothersome to see comments trying to disprove these “lights” … etc ~ kA, freedom of speech ~that said, here’s mine… you peeps are 1-of-2-things— 1-scared! ur 2-scared-2-admit the truth! … or, 2-ur jis haters -plain and simple … personally, I thinks it’s the first! Anyway, I live in the area, here … I first saw these (or similar) lights, on May 6 2014 —in exact same area! Appearing, initially far out over the ocean in the ENE sky, (just a smidgen south of where the Sun rises) …around, idk exactly, prob prox 4-430 α.м.— But sitting on the Beach, it was impossible, in αll the darkness to *focus-in* and *find* ( let alone *capture* ) such anomaly -esp when they were, at the time, way far out –over the Atlantic Ocean !
    HOWEVER, come sun rise … well, I accidentally caught an unidentified object, in several (4-to be exact) of my photographs, taken at, and after sunrise … in the early morning sky, same immediate area! I’m no photographer by any means– and used only the cell phone on me, at the time! Note: we had seen the object with the naked eye, it was later, that I discovered it in my pictures — I wish I had the tools (proper photo editing software -and- the knowledge to use it accordingly!) to get a better idea of what, maybe, might be in the pictures …ultimately, WHAT WAS it in the sky that night … and on many subsequent nights – – – bc I’ѵℰ seen them over & over SINCE then— catching some in still photos (only one short video) —yes, many, many pictures – – – Once you SEE anything remotely similar—with your own eyes— you’re much easier able to “notice” very similar objects (which are NOT Chinese lanterns, & are NOT weather balloons, etc) …in the night sky, more frequently . . . Open up Your Mind, why don’t You?!! . . .
    ( oh, and ρ.ѕ. — even IF I could post my pics here, I doubt you would ever be able to *find* the unidentified object IN them . . .
    ( ya, that, or you’d think it was a piece of “dust” —ya, dust, in the middle of the morning sky! Not!)

    S0, you guys… You just keep on hating, keep on flapping your lips, when You don’t Even have a clue – – – – and, one day, we’ll see WHERE THAT gets You! ◡̈♥︎

    • Your comment is as vague as a government file. I also live here and with all the military bases around, I can almost guarantee one of them was out on maneuvers. If aliens were smart enough to come here, they wouldn’t come here. They would tap into our satellites and see what a barbaric world and run like hell.

    • thank you. I know Mike E. I still have the enhanced photo….These were NOT Chinese Lanterns. That photo was taken on a 17MP DSLR. They do appear to have a vapor trail. The photo was very well taken and very stable.

  4. The Air Force regularly does drills over myrtle beach and surrounding areas, those lights are flares being dropped in mock dogfights. Trust me, I thought the same thing until I did some digging..

    • I’m a military Brat..and had a DOD clearance… they do not drop Magnesium/Phos Flares near residential areas. I got a copy of te original Canon Raw format photo from Mike.. It’s not flares. I know.. I’ve launched a few myself.

  5. I know Mike E., he gave eme a copy of the original photo in Canon RAW format.I too am a photographer, but I am also an Engineer. Mike uses a Lap top while I own an Engineering grade desk top. I ran the photo thru some enhancing techniques. These objects were not Airplanes, Jets, Helicopters or birds painted with phosphorus or swamp gas, nor were they plaantes, stars etc.! They match the description of the MB Orbs. They also had a black trail. You can’t do that with camera shake. There were very distinct multi colors. Mike is a straight up guy who would not subject himself to ridicule of creating a fraud.

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