Unknown lights hovering above Murrieta, California 25-Jun-2014


These unknown lights were hovering in the night sky above Murrieta, a city in southwestern Riverside County, California. Recorded on Wednesday, 25th June 2014.

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  1. So much time and energy is being wasted by the launching of these Chinese lanterns. Far too many folks don’t know what they are much less recognize them. It seems nearly 1/2 of sightings reported these days ARE floating, lighted lanterns of some kind. If it’s ORANGE, flickers and floats—–it’s most likely a lantern. It’s like the ‘little boy who cried wolf’—-they are becoming so common that if a real UFO appears, we’ll ignore the report because we’ll assume it’s the usual lantern.

  2. These were not lanterns! This person was not close so they appear small in the video. We are very close and this began with the lights in a triangle pattern. They moved into a straight line. Disappear and reappeared as this large cluster. I was close and these were huge! I have seen the neighbors do the lanterns and this sighting was in no way anything like that. You can choose not to believe, but you are wrong about your assumption.

  3. I thought I saw something on what may have been the same evening. I did not check the time, maybe around 8 or 9PM. I first noticed what I thought was a satellite from my home near Murrieta Hot Springs and Margarita traveling slowly to the west La Cresta area. It was allot larger than a satellite and much lower altitude maybe 30,000 feet. There was a plane passing by at the same time but the object had no signs of being a conventional aircraft, just a steadily moving orange/reddish light. What I found interesting was how it slowly vanished as it was moving. The distance in depth perception seemed like I would have been able to see it longer before it went further away, but then it suddenly vanished.

    Back around 2010, I saw another mind blowing object hovering above the 15 Frwy and Winchester Road that looked like an hour glass shaped but was like a glowing orange color. I thought it was maybe a reflection from my glass window as I was driving before 6AM. I pulled over to see it better and it slowly disappeared. Completely unexplainable. Somewhere on YouTube there’s a UFO clip somewhere in China I believe where there’s people jet-sking by a beach and someone catches a glowing UFO similar to what I saw but a different shape…

  4. MURRIETA, Calif. — Rumors had swirled among anti-immigration activists near a U.S. Border Patrol station in Southern California that the agency would try again to bus in some of the immigrants who have flooded across the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Instead, they got dueling anti- and pro-immigration rallies Friday

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jul/4/california-city-is-latest-immigration-flashpoint/#ixzz36jEPSxSl
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    • in 80 years of my life we saw 2 ufos.my grandson and me on my back deck drinking beer and on 7/20/2014 time 9.47 pm We saw
      traveling north ,2 bright lights comingfrom the south ,Milan mi. ,we thought they were helicopter ,but no sound, when they went over my house we saw the back ,no light, but 2 disc shaped objects like saucers like flowing in the water ,going north about 2 minutes. seen them for about 30 miles in the sky. I estimate they were traveling 1000 miles an hour

  5. Pretty sure there is an underground base under the Santa Rosa Plateau. There is definitely a military presences there. We are pretty sure one of the things they are involved with is genetic hybridization. Something was living in our neighborhood in a field next to our neighborhood. We would see it at night. It was not fully human.

  6. We aren’t the only life in the galaxy. It’s not unreasonable to think we are seeing some of that other life in our skies. Most people can’t even tell the difference between a star and a craft, 90% of the other people think everything is a UFO(it is to them). The only question that should be debated is; Of the legitimate ufo sightings, which ones are our craft, and which ones are theirs?

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