Update On Billy Meier’s Very Vivid UFO Photographs

billy meier ufos

Billy Meier UFO had been considered as a cold case for so long, but it seems that’s not the case anymore as MUFON finds it very hot and very real.

Billy Meier captured 63 very clear photographs and a 5-minute video of the so-called Wedding Cake UFO or WCUFO in 1980 using a 35mm film.

Skeptics immediately gave explanation about the object on the photos saying that it is only a model from a garbage can lid and ornaments of Christmas tree. With the lack of technology to examine the authenticity of the UFO photos, MUFON and even Meier himself did not say anything in defense of what skeptics had been saying. The case was perceived as a cold case and just another UFO hoax.

Fast forward today, independent researcher professor Rhal Zahi brings interest in the Meier cold case by examining the DNA of the photos using professional 3-D computer modeling software, PhotoShop and actual scale models.

Zahi ruled out the theory that they are small models or special effects and concluded that they are large, unknown objects in his 74-page report.

Prof. Zahi revealed that the craft is hovering above a gravel road and the photo was taken above the object.

Michael Horn, Meier’s American representative, contacted MUFON executive director Jan Harzan to form a joint investigation of the case for the first time in 34 years. Horn said that the work of professor Zahi ruled out the charges against Meier that he hoaxed his evidence.

An update of the Billy Meier case might be announced by MUFON in its upcoming major symposium soon.

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  1. I don’t have a problem with people not accepting pictures or should I say photographs, but before they claim they are fake, they should fake one to prove it’s possible, in other words unsupported claims of fake, should be treated as not to be admissible comment

  2. Seriously… That guy is a complete fraud. He had filmed a woman supposedly from another planet, and she turned out to be an actress…

  3. i believe that mr meiers did genuinely take photos of alien craft & they are authentic regarding the alien lady he was in communication with well i.ll kp an open mind on that again it might be fact. its funny when truth in ufo matters are revealed they.ll always be sceptics debunkers they cant all be wrong or fakes or c.g.i.s .

  4. Billys ex-wife admitted his pictures were hoaxes. Just because someone hangs garbage can lids close to the lens with a tiny wire, doesnt mean the object is big.

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