NEW! Ancient Aliens: Aliens & Superheroes S07E05

ancient aliens

Ancient Aliens – Aliens & Superheroes
History Channel, Season 7 Episode 5
22nd August 2014

From the beginning of recorded history, humans have told stories about beings with super-human strength, super-sonic speed, and supernatural abilities. The ancients had heroic tales about Zeus, Thor, and Hanuman while today we have superhero stories about Superman, Batman, and Spider-man. Mythologists say these epic stories resemble each other because they may have all come from a common set of oral legends created eons ago by our earliest ancestors. But might there be another, more otherworldly reason that the world’s heroic myths are so similar? Is it possible, as many Ancient Astronaut Theorists contend, that these stories are actually based on extraordinary– and possibly extraterrestrial–beings that lived on Earth in the distant past?

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  1. That may be true. But dont judge what you havent experienced. Because what will you do when you find them or when they find you. Becarefull. Speaking myths and facts look in the bible. Even diffrent rilegions. Why is that. They choose to beleive. I dont. My call came and i refused to go. No lies but its botherd me for 7 years.. i forget my childhood but remember those blue eyes. Thank you

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