Flying saucer being transported on UK road?

flying saucer

A saucer shaped object that is being carried along the highway in Cornwall United Kingdom. The object was securely covered with an army camouflage colored tarpaulin, but the objects saucer looking shape is clearly visible even with its cover. Close behind the trailer was a suspicious looking load truck. Could this saucer shaped object be a recovered UFO being transported to Cornwall’s major military bases? RAF St. Mawgan and RNAS Culdrose would be the best places to hangar whatever this object is.

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  1. Underwater diving vessel.Experments and reserch?If it was a UFO it would have been transported by Chopper @ nite.Not for you to see.

  2. Come on man does everything have to be a UFO? It could be radar module or even sonar for a military craft. Even weather doppler radar which is more then likely what it is people. Don’t freak out over nothing and even if we do have UFO technology then so be it.

    • You cant prove it’s not a saucer! They have so many it’s not necessary to fly anymore we have extrapolated the technology already and no it won’t be released to help the world bc it’s dealing with free energy. And that would break a 700 trillion dollar industry. Keep believing everything is fake and while your at it keep waiting for the gov to give us disclosure lol

  3. Looks like a fuel tank. Suggestion to shooter –– use your cameraphone in landscape mode, not portrait like you have done so here.

  4. hahaha that looks like my dads van , he runs an abnormal loads company in Southampton called convoy exceptionell I will ask him , this isn’t a ufo guys…

  5. “a suspicious looking load truck” What? That’s simply a van warning traffic of a wide load. I thought the orange flashing lights and warning chevrons on the rear kind of gave that away, not to mention the words, ABNORMAL LOAD, written across the back of it !!

    The stupidest vid I have ever seen posted on here.

  6. no good gravy it’s not a ufo being transported in the daytime! it sounds like people know what they’re talking about with what it actually is. a huge, intact ufo like that would never see the light of day to us humans!

    • some ufos are tiny and others aren’t even solid. how could you possibly know what a ufo weighs! i understand what you are trying to say though.

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