Puerto Rico: UFO researchers believe they made contact with extraterrestrials

alien contact

A variety of extraterrestrial anomalies was captured on camera in a planned radio transmission project that was named “The Arecibo Project” that happened on August 15, 2014. The sightings included the appearance of a saucer-shaped object that was accompanied by a mysterious high-pitched sound. The object sprang straight up into the sky and immediately disappeared.

A group of independent UFO researchers with the leadership of Director of the Bermuda Triangle Research Base spent the entire day sending radio messages into space from the Arecibo, Lajas Puerto Rico research observatory. The radio transmission includes messages asking extraterrestrials to appear precise GPS coordinates where a webcam was also set-up to film the incoming action. The project was a total success. The Arecibo project was made to remember the 37th anniversary of the famous “WOW! Signal” that was captured by SETI.

The researchers compared the tone they have detected from the famed WOW! Signal and they were all fascinated with the outcome. The signal was just so similar to the WOW! Signal and it is a possible sign of a successful communication with the UFO they have captured on film.

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  1. Look at the clouds. Look at the palm trees. These clips are looped and edited and FAKE.

    Did it ever occur to you that while we waste time on frauds, the real stuff is getting ignored?

    • Tony!
      You make too much sense!
      Thank you for showing some integrity, which is more than I will say about people that create these ficticious posts.
      Not Latest UFOs fault; they only present what is put forward.
      The only thing ficticious posts do is keep us all talking……….

  2. Cedo ou tarde alguém vai encontrar uma forma razoável de comunicação. De momento intuo que nossos meios de captação desses sinais são, além de muito lentos, paleolíticos em relação aos emitentes.

  3. Sei que não adiante reclamar, mas o que eu disse não foi isso. Não me referi a São Paulo e as palavras estão fora de ordem, o que implica em perderem o sentido.

  4. I often wonder when will mainstream stop refereeing to those who occupy the 4 upper interdimensional levels of open skylines which are tucked away in folds of Earth’s ionosphere, as aliens; unless when their reference to aliens are referring to a noncitizen resident of a specific country instead of meaning an extraterrestrial being from another planet or another part of the universe; not much of what we see are from distant space; we’re in a cluster of inner dimensional worlds all around us; I just will be soooo happy when this truth is revealed 281-836-5606

  5. i just don’t know what to make of this at all. it seems to make zero sense to me. i don’t know what i’m looking at or hearing. it’s enough to cause tinnitus!

  6. interesting but we.re out of our depth sending unspecified coordinates asking ufos to appear quite scarey stuff dont know what type of beings that are being encountered signals do sound similar to the seti ones in 1977 15 august .

  7. PR is a hot spot. Since an early age I have had 3 different experiences that altered my life and a couple of friends as well….Beleive

  8. I lived in Levittown PR and actually saw a UFO – there was a blackout in the community and myself along with two other friends climbed onto our roof top to check it out… we saw a circular object which had iridescent lights it appeared as quickly as it disappeared and as soon as it was gone the lights came back on. I have shared this story with many people some believe some do not either way I know what I saw that night and my friends and I agreed it was not terrestrial.

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