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I just received this interesting email from Stijn Van Den Hoven. I’m posting it in its entirety.

Please find information that I arranged to go into public domain yesterday. After a German guy went to visit Fritz Waltz in Switzerland in 2011 he made a >outube video. Here Fritz Waltz speaks about a german UFO base in Patagonia, South America briefly in this interview.
Note he is 80 years old and last apprentice of Viktor Schauberger the Scientist that Helped Adolf Hitler build Haunebu flying Saucers. All Vikor Schauberger patents where scooped up by US government after the war and he was send back to Switzerland where he died broken and pooor. His son has a non disclosure agreement.

However Fritz Waltz doesn’t. He gave the letters he got from Viktor Schauberger to the German in 2011 who forgot about it.
I asked him about it and now he uploaded it yesterday – 21 august 2014 to the public domain. Unfortunately it is still in German. I am process of translating it. There are 3 documents of which one relates to UFO’s. He calls it “Water-Air-Wagon” and is based on implosion and how trout can stay still in a stream of water of fish fly out of the water.

The post is on my facebook page: with all links to it. Please post this with reference to source as this prooves he was bussy with UFO’s and that the UFO’s that go in and out of water into air relate to this research.


TOP TWEET!! : 1941 GERMAN UFO TECHNOLOGY PROVEN! –> Vikor Schaubergers Letters 1941 now in public domain. LETTER 1: Translate as WATER/AIR WAGON! Ufo’s can travel in air and water. Viktor Schauberger. Lost letters to Fritz Waltz. in German , still need to translate.

Link to PDF:

Letter 1 Wasser-Luft-Fuhrwerk:

Letter 2 Weltbild in Eiform:

Letter 3: Holz:

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  1. I’d love to know when these videos/documents get translated into English. My German isn’t so good, since they lost the war and German did not become our official language here…LOL

  2. We just need a few more pieces of information to prove that our federal
    government has saucer technology. We have a lot of government flak and counter moves to disprove that UFOs exist. The Nazi party countinues
    to pop up in South America. Maybe their elite leaders did escape by submarines AND UFOs in 1944….

  3. All them fellas was doing is designing new combat helmets similar to the berger meister for use in foreplay with his mrs…… that fella never did have a lick a sense….

  4. This site is expected to edit/censor out any abusive as well as any irrelevant comments that obviously detract from the topic of UFO research to the detriment of your genuine supporters who have had more than enough of the ‘sick humor’ of “fred sausage” – As a member of the most reputable international UFO research organisation, I can assure your organisation that this is a general concern !This is a subtle/covert ploy to contaminate and degrade your site and a serious topic into oblivion ! Hold a survey similar to your site change approval questionnaire to assess my warning, if you have any doubts.

    • Say now Ron you and o’l fred got at least one thing in common we both ain’t the best spellers out there. Ya see o’l fred tends to look at life less seriously than some. Today we live in a world of a whole lot of trouble and hate, folks are depressed anxiety ridden and pessimistic about their future. Well o’l fred ain’t going down that road, but him and the mrs. like cruising on the road in his 59 caddy convertable looking for them ufo’s…. and one a these days he’s just liable to catch a good one on his brownie camera…

  5. Hey there, we got any access on english, pour favour?
    would love to get into the water-air myself.

    > at least i wood like to know the progress on getting these letters translated. Bless the effort,

    thank you

  6. Anyone who doesn’t read/speak German can access copious and very detailed information on Viktor S. and his implosion technology via the books by Callum Coates, and there is also some background information in Nick Cook’s book “The Hunt for Zero Point”.
    Truly amazing stuff, and Schauberger’s technology is amazing enough without the flying saucer material.
    Anyone who doubts the “Nazi flying saucer” legend will change their minds after reading these books.

  7. I can read German it’s a crap.
    It’s not worth your time. Might try Google translate it’s not the best but still you can laugh then.

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