Amazing! Several daylight UFOs recorded over Baltic Sea in Poland 9-Sep-2014

UFOs Baltic Sea

This interesting video of a bright unidentified flying objects was recorded on Tuesday, 9th September 2014 around 6:15 pm. These lights were hovering over the Baltic Sea in Poland and were seen by multiple witnesses. At some point (2m:10s) it looks like they’re descending into the sea.

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  1. I have seen this on video before, it’s strange. It looks like it could be some kind of flares, as they start to burn out they drop out of the sky. This guy with the camera needs to take it off auto focus, at one point, at the 2:24 mark, it looks like we were going to see what happened when one of them hit the water still lit, but at the very last second he moves the camera, LOL.

  2. Say now o’l fred could a used a 70-200 mm focal e.d. on that anomaly from the jump seat of the caddy. That fella just about talked o’l freds ear off and still couldn’t make a word out.

  3. flares don’t hang in the sky like that. yet that flashing light we see to the left of the screen could’ve dropped these things, whatever they are.

  4. seen something similar to this on video before…..too bad the shaky focusing and quality leaves some doubt. Could be flares / balloons with/or drone controlled……or natural phenomena…..or ???

  5. These were flares or Chinese lanterns as they burned out they lost alt. & fell into the sea, a near by boat perhaps that was the culpret.

  6. Just imagine an off-shore boat with a crew of Vodka soaked sailors who want to have a laugh or celebration with a large box of ‘out of date’ distress flares…
    The falling embers of the dying out flare as its high temperature burns through the aluminium/ steel disk that is at the end of the flare which is used to tether the parachute..thus falls while going out.
    Ive set off a few offshore chute flares and disassembled one or two to see what makes them tick so that’s what my experience tells me.
    They climb to approx. 1000 ft altitude so can be seen for obvious reasons while a small ship/ boat may not be seen over the horizon.

  7. Looks like hot air baloon filled with swamp gas while they throw flares off the side……………………………NOT. That’s awesome. Seems like there are new sightings every single day. Something is getting ready to happen! Lets get the show going!

    • there is a lot of Russian, american and polish navy boats there in these days.coincidence? maybe the 3rd ww will be only the cover, for what they know/do

  8. the guy in certain point asks another women , who is filming too, she has bigger/ better zoom,and she can clearly see and says about falling parts/ pieces which are burning…

    can ufo burn ?? what is burning ?? Fuel or a craft ??
    i was there at Gdansk day after… remember two American F16 flying over the city … full speed, circleing around the city and the see

  9. You fellas just might be interested in the ocean x images of the anomaly at the bottom of the sea there. Them boys been trying to figure out just exactly what it is and it’s huge.

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