Real UFO Evidence! Plane Passenger Films Mysterious Hovering Lights

UFO from a plane UK

Hovering lights, which looked like a saucer-shaped formation, were filmed by unnamed airline passenger as his flight was about to land on Cardiff, Wales’s airport. It looks like the passenger have captured real UFO evidence on camera.

The passenger was returning home after a vacation in Greece when he saw a series of unusual lights hovering in a form of flying saucer next to the plane where he was onboard.

He managed to film the lights in the black sky between 20 and 30 minutes before the plane landed on Cardiff airport. While the man has no idea about the identity of the hovering lights, he believes that his sighting is associated with an unidentified flying object.

According to the reporting witness, the sighting was on the night of Tuesday and he observed the lights around 20-40 minutes before they landed at 10 p.m.

He estimated the lights to be a few miles away, but he could not determine exactly the identity of hovering lights since it was pitch black outside.

He believes that the lights were mounted to an object, which he described as weird because it was very bright and he never saw anything brighter than the lights in his entire life. The sighting is presumably happened on the UK airspace considering the video was captured so near to landing.

The witness said that he thought of lanterns, but the lights did not go away and keep on flying until the witness lost sight of them.

The witness said that he considers the object as UFO because he can’t identify it and was spotted above the ground. This happened on 16th September 2014.

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  1. Legitimate, no doubt about it. One of the great mysteries, — oh, of course, I forgot they are only Chinese lanterns. Now how could I only let my mind wander!

  2. I also saw somewhat like that but it seemed no one saw it but me. So I didn’t share it for people might think am crazy but I took a picture too.The one I saw was stationery.

  3. What’s happening? Why doesn’t governments give mankind information? I really wish i see one ever…
    And if governments know more they are in for a discussion to mankind beyond comprehension!

  4. POWER – RELIGION & POLITICS,(not so much the last one)the truth would have to come out about all these subjects if Aliens came to Earth, in other words CONTROL of the Masses, the GREEDY RICH and POWERFULL would all loose out.

  5. Ground launced parachute illumination flares. Notice the replacement “lights”, actually new flares, when a “light”, flare, burns out. The pattern is a standard area illumination pattern, as seen from distance and distorted, possibly, by being viewed at or above the same altitude as when the illumination burn begins. I used to use these all the time in the Army.

  6. Those are refineries on the ground burning off natural gas. These are seen all the time and mistaken for UFOs. They are actually on the ground, even though they look like they’re flying. Nothing to get excited about. Only refineries burning off natural gas.

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