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  1. I was in Cairo 2006. I was staying at the Mena house but decided to go across the street to a roof top cafe with my wife. It was dusk. We both saw something moving quickly at apx 300agl. The vehicle made ZERO noise and moved rapidy south twords Al Fayuum. It glowed several different hues. It passed directly in front of the Giza pyramids at dusk. DID anyone report it?

  2. !986 I was ready to leave for work at 5.30 in the morning As I was about to leave in my car I saw a bright light that was near a power station near my home. I thought there must of been a car rally or something going on, So I waited a while for them to go………Anyway after a few minits I pulled my car out of drive onto the road. As I started driving down this country road this brilliant bright light followed my car It zoomed up behind me with great speed….the lights lite up the inside of my car…..I got scared and put my foot on the exelerator.i even gave it a sign to turn off the light as I found it difficult to see the road. It followed me for about a mile then just dissapeared in a se I seen a ghost. That night I told my partner all about it. We went to see friends that evening who lived about a mile away. As I told them my story my f said that she was awoken up at 3 in the morning and had seen the light too. and as she got up tha morning she saw that all her plants outside her home have all been burnt. Anyway that evening as my partner and I was leaving our friends home around 10.00 that evening I was driving up the hill to my home……when we herd a faint humming noise and all the electrics were cutting off on my dashboard of the car there was no lights nothing worked …But the car was still moving up the hill..I had my foot on the peddal and the car was still going even there was nothing was working. Then after about a miniute all the lights came back on again..and I could see the road again. It was a very wierd thing to happen even my partner was amazed as how the car kept going up hill will nothing working on it. I totally know that we were and still are being observed my ufo or whatever they are………


  4. Have you heard about the so called Dyatlov Pass incident? I think such aggressive UFOs with scorching beams of light could have killed the Russian hikers.

  5. Of course it’s real,it’s been going on for a very long time,the governments have known what this is but refuses to tell the people,why is the big question,maybe it’s because of religion..

  6. Kind of a chilling comment at the end of this video–that the aliens are taking blood/dna samples so they can create vaccines to protect them against our diseases. Remember War of the Worlds? What stopped the aliens was an Earthbound virus. Maybe that explains why aliens haven’t yet tried to take over our planet, despite their vastly superior technology. They’re still building up their immunity…

  7. The extraterrestrial agenda seems to be a continuing process of updating immunity against our viral mutations changing rapidly, this explains the widespread and frequent testing of abductees on earth by a diversity of alien humanoids for eons of recorded human contact. This hypothesis fits most of the evidences. What do YOU suggest is more plausible explanation ?

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