Two similar UFO sightings over North Carolina 17-Oct-2014

North Carolina UFOs

Two different witnesses reported a similar activity in the sky above North Carolina to MUFON. Both videos of these unknown strange lights were recorded on Friday, 17th October 2014. The first one was taken in Fayetteville, the exact location of the second video is unknown for now.

Video #1: Fayetteville, NC

Witness report: Approximately 7PM EST on 10-17-2014, a friend and I observed lights that suddenly appeared, ascended, descended, and then began to behave erratically in the sky.

There were two occurrences (1 of 2 filmed) tied to this event. The first (unfilmed but observed) occurred approximately 7PM EST and was initially only one (1) light that was observed from an outside parking lot. The light suddenly appeared in the sky, and then descended before its view was obstructed by a building that was a few feet from us.

The second occurrence happened several minutes later where multiple lights appeared. This occurrence was both observed and filmed by us.

East of where we were standing, 3 lights appeared in the sky (approximately 1/4 mile from where we were.) Immediately after the three lights appeared, we quickly observed tails (almost like flames) behind them. The first thought was that it was a broken up fireball, until it was noticed all 3 had initially appeared, ascended, and then descended relatively in the same direction. It was then suggested that it was fireworks, but there was no noise associated with it. In addition, the objects looked more like flames were coming from then than sparks.

The objects began to zig-zag erratically, ascending and descending. On occasion a dark object could almost be seen above the glowing objects. The next thought was that it may have been parachutists night jumping with flares, but the objects looked too large, including the trail of flames/sparks. In addition, there are no landing fields anywhere East of our position where we were filming, and anything landing would have landed in the city. No planes were observed in the immediate area during this time frame; and parachutists have never been observed jumping and/or descending in this manner. It should also be pointed out that it was a calm evening with little to no wind.

Approximately 1-2 minutes later of observing the zig-zagging of the lights, the tails began to diminish, and a fourth light appeared East of the 3 lights. The three lights began to quickly slow down, and descend after the appearance of the 4th light. At one point, at least one light began to pulse a few times, before diminishing all together. After approximately another minute, all 3 lights diminished, and only the 4th light remained, where we observed it descend, ascend, zig-zag, turn, and then hover for a lengthy period of time before disappearing altogether.

We remained in the area for an additional 1/2 hour and never saw the lights reappear.
NOTE: Video/Audio was taken with cellphone. Orientation is off. My apologies!

Video #2: North Carolina

Witness report: I was standing outside and out of nowhere three objects appeared in the sky straight ahead. Looked like fireworks at first, but then I realized they were objects, descending steadily but slowly. Then a fourth appeared and as the the others just disappeared, the fourth stopped mid air and mad a zig zag path down until it disappeared as well. Cannot explain it any better, and the video I shot is not clear enough to see the sparks or objects, just the light 

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  1. thought process =specialize small very special mini jet type plane that can hover like a harrier ,travel to mach 3 approx. speed and emit a pulse wave from them to interfere with most cameras with 1000iso or less ,some times cam-recorders are more frames in short span which could in freeze frames show what one is looking at,probably carry 2 g-suit(pressure suits)humans .the greys would not be within for they have other vessels beyond humans re engineering attempts.did you get the 3 stills.

  2. Theyre loom rounds. Ft Bragg must be doing infantry training…very common sumtimes on nite jumps. Looms rounds are intense white lit flares and are shot up in the sky or culd be dropped from a c130. They float from a parachute….theyre used to lite up an landing zone (lz) or area of operation (ao).

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