Bright UFO takes off very fast over Kernersville, North Carolina – October 2014


This interesting  video of a very fast unidentified flying object was filmed in Kernersville in North Carolina.

What do you think this object was? Please leave your comments below.

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  1. interesting footage if real.
    hate the fancy intro’s
    M**rosoft voiceover ?..weird.
    Last time I saw footage of an object move in a streak like that was the footage from space station of supposed craft closing to earth, then a beam ( weapon ) ??? as wondered, fired from earth made it do a 180 and shoot off back into space like that in a hurry…
    oh ,we missed that one…got away…
    although the footage im talking about was also queried to be space dust/debris /ice and the movement was suspected to be from the orbiting station/vehicle or particles moving due to trusting control or something..anyhow..still interesting ..

  2. what kind of a weird video is this? it’s a computer animated voice, and the film is just way too blurry. plus, i couldn’t make the film size bigger. i saw what he was talking about, but it’s too fast and difficult to see.

  3. Fred don’t like them monotone fellas or all them weird sounds, kinda like watching a (b) rated 50’s style sci fi movie made on a pauper budget…..

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