UFOs: Scientific-Ancient Biblical Text viewpoint

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Host Rick Scouler welcomes Mr. L.A. Marzulli to the program for a fascinating discussion of the UFO phenomenon. Mr. Marzulli shares his unique Scientific-Ancient Biblical Text viewpoint and theories with the viewers.

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  1. The main theme throughout the Bible is the conflict between good and evil, between angels and demons, between the fight for human souls. And yet, as much as I have heard about the biblical viewpoint on UFOs, I don’t see any discussion. Who are the demons out to destroy us? Reptilians? Grays? Who are the angels out to protect us? Blondes? My point is that we spend so much time talking about their existence and almost no time talking about their plans for us.

  2. that “f” in the title “topic ufo” is the last ufo i saw 3 years ago, hanging in the sky, upside-down. i am flabbergasted that i see it here.

  3. This site has had more open minded people than most sites. L.A.s take is very interesting. Keep an open mind and research the bible for yourself. Look at what others have to say about biblical prophecy and it’s relationship to the events of today. Author Hal Lindsey’s take on Alien life is interesting, Dr.Carl Baugh at the creation evidence institute has very interesting information on what the global environment was like during the antediluvian period.

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