Unknown lights over Hong Kong, China 28-Sep-2014

China UFOs

I just received this UFO report

From: Anthony
Locatiion: Hong Kong, China
Date: 28th September 2014

Witness report: So having recently landed in HK, me and the missus went up to the Peak last Saturday the 27th (just ahead of the sunday night ruckus). If you dont know, The Peak is the highest point in HK looking down of the skyscrapers; and mainly a tourist trap. Anyway, on our way back down whilst in the queue for the tram I noticed some odd looking lights (it was dusk – 6:30pm ish) so I began recording a video presuming they were just planes in a stack coming in to land.. not so. They stayed static and were added to by other lights flickering into view. Eventually they began a very slow process in flickering in and out whilst retaining formation – much like other videos Ive seen on here/youtube. To the naked eye they were very visible and clearer than what Im send you; this blurry iPhone 5 video in the hope that at least one of the MANY tourists up on the peak also caught the same lights but in better quality! My first video was taken whilst I was waiting for the tram – the second is
whilst Id bordered the tram and snapped through the windshield – hopefully you can see (maybe using some sort of stabiliser?) that the lights slowly move and align differently to how they began. they faded /flickered in and out.. very odd and unlike any plane Ive ever observed (I grew up living under a domestic plane/RAF flight path in the UK).

So you know, I went back on the Sunday 28th evening hoping to either confirm or deny what we saw. We didnt see anything the same, but we did notice that the lights were roughly in the same direction of incoming flights – staking up behind one another. However, not once during any of the two hours we stayed their observing numerous planes along this path did they ever stack more than one overhead whilst one was VERY far off in the distant, nor did they look in any sort of formation/multi. Yes, distant incoming planes headlights do look similar, twinkly, but there was never more than one incoming. Also having previously lived with FO’s (first officer commercial pilots) I know they simply arent allowed to follow in that closely.

The first video (before the tram arrived and we got on) (watch in full screen & full HD)


The second video (after we got on the tram – and yes, those are reflections of the inside; people and strip lighting!) (watch in full screen & full HD)

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  1. problem with that vid is that it is take inside an elevator, the lights could just as well be a reflection of something behind them. That said, I dont doubt it, just playing the devils advocate

  2. Most interesting, especially at this epoch in HK’s history. The triangular sighting (large triangle at that) certainly matches many other reports around the world.

  3. Nice capture. The reflections in the second video aren’t a negative–they make a good contrast for the authenticity of the lights, which appear the same when viewed inside or out. One suggestion, next time try landscape orientation. Hah, next time!

  4. your description of what you saw is very well put. and even as you were climbing in the second video, the lights stayed right in place, which means they are really high up or really far out. (why did you cam go sideways?) i like the videos.

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