Southern Colorado Locals Still Clueless About the Mysterious Bright light

Colorado UFO Sightings

Residents in Hooper City, Southern Colorado, have been reporting UFO sightings for the past month. The residents do not have an idea yet about the bright colored disc shape flying object that has been appearing above the area from October.

Hopper UFO watcher, Judy Messoline, says that San Luis Valley is a UFO hotspot and tourists are going to the area to get a look of unidentified flying objects.

Messoline further reveals that they have documented these strange sightings in Hopper since the 1700s, and the city is also popular for its paranormal activities.

However, appearances of the mysterious round object emitting a bright light become frequent in the past month. This object appears to be flying weirdly and sometimes hovers for several minutes in the sky, according to Messoline.

Meanwhile, George St Pierre claimed to have witnessed an unidentified flying obnject over Albuquerque, New Mexico, a state near South Colorado. St Pierre, who was a welterweight Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champion, said that he never talk about aliens, but just non-identified flying objects.

He said that he was with Rashad Evans and Mike Van Arsdale, a Mexican fighter Alejandro, and Frankie Edgar’s manager Ali. They were all in the car and when they were on the highway of Albuquerque, New Mexico, they saw a UFO altogether. St Pierre said that they can’t identify it and they all agreed that it was something that they cannot explain. He described the object as fast moving one. It came towards them and all of a sudden changed directions and vanished.

Just few months ago, there were UFO sighting in the sky of Houston during a stormy evening. According to the locals, it seemed that the mysterious UFO was emitting lights with multiple colors. The UFO appeared from the dark sky before disappearing without a trace.

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