Rendlesham Forest Film Will Be Shown In Europe, America and Asia

hangar 10

Mysterious lights and alien activity in the sky have been linked with Rendlesham Forest since the night of December 26, 1980. Many USAF personnel have come forward claiming to have seen extraterrestrial aircraft and strange lights at East Gate in the forest, near to the USAF bases Bentwaters and Woodbridge.

A film that premiered at the Colchester Film Festival on October 22, 2014 is set to be viewed by a wider audience. The film shares the story of three UFO investigators who plunged deep over three days into Rendlesham Forest. It is written and directed by Daniel Simpson (Spiderhole, H). Simpson spent almost four years filming on handheld cameras and creating special effects for the film on his own. He says his experience shooting the film, mainly talking to eyewitnesses of the events in 1980, has changed his opinion.

He says that he felt that the eyewitness he had talked were telling the real story just by looking into their faces and eyes. Simpson adds that he believes something happened, which might never be known, but he thinks people do know.

The film entitled “Rendlesham UFO Incident” will be shown in UK, America and Japan. The film will have a general release in Japan and America later in 2014 under the title Hangar 10 while the UK general release will be in February 2015.

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  1. It’s sad that movies are made using the names of actual, true experiences, but distort the facts, making them into typical fearful horror films!!! The True case was very different and the experiencers have suffered for telling the truth. Now this garbage comes out and will stick in people’s minds, as a dark,horrific story. However, maybe some people will be curious enough to look up the real case because of it, and it can have a positive effect for some people after all! I hope so, because it is a fascinating case that directly involved the military.

  2. I agree , this movie is garbage. There is a huge population of people interested in this subject and this particular case. It’s disappointing to have a movie about an actual event go down some bizarre road like this one. I understand and view it as just a horror movie but still poorly done. The actual story, and mystery, is simply more entertaining .

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