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Your UFO reports: 6th December – 13th December 2014
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Eastern Tucson, Arizona – 12/13/14
The brightest object in the northwestern sky this evening is moving in very unusual was. It’s approximately 30 degrees from the horizon, remaining stationary for a time, then moving diagonally left, right, up down, back and forth and sometimes zig-zagging.  It also does small circular movements as well. The color of the ‘light’ appears to be bright white, with no flashing.
I asked some neighbors to verify what I was seeing, and none of us had ever seen anything like this. Please contact me if there have been simialr reports from Tucson and the South Western States.
C. Scott
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Las Vegas, NV (West-[slight North West]) – December 10th, 2014 @ approximately 1am
-Blue “ORB” Like object
-approximately 30 feet of ground
-couldnt make out a shape of a craft, anything like that, looked like pure electricity moving throughout sky
-saw it roughly 6x, after 3rd REappearence ran upstairs to grab my cell phone to try to get some evidence
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North Island – 12/09/2014
Approximately 11:10 P.M. I was leaving the building at FRCSW North Island by foot to my vehicle when above me about 800 feet in the air an object of a smooth red and blue inner dull white light configuration quietly moved north into the night sky.
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over the Rio Formoso, Brazil – Has been seen for over a week & is there now
It is a round object with green & Blue light, it has been travelling at tremendous speed up and down and in circles at the moment it looks like a bright star near the moon but it will start moving in all directions.
Time now 6.24am gmt.
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  1. I really believe that these ufos are not from another planet but from our own. They have evolved over millions of years deep under our land and oceans. How many ufos have been seen entering and leaving the sea? (USOs)I think that these creatures are our cousins who chose to return to the seas when we decided to become land animals. What do you think?

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