The Illinois UFO Sightings Of 2000

UFO lebanon

Residents of Lebanon, Illinois saw unidentified flying object that was as large as a house. This news eventually reached police officer Ed Barton, who responded to a call about a strange event.

The officer also witnessed a bright light from a distance and made a report to base about it. The officer observed that the object made a continuous change in shape as he came upon the object.

Commonly referred to as morphing, this characteristic or ability to completely amend its form is far-advanced from mankind’s known technology, and in fact, not perceives to happen in the near future.

The officer reportedly saw the UFO morph into a long triangle. The object also reportedly made a turn without banking as witnesses say that it made a flat pivot turn. This is another capability demonstrated by the UFO that is far beyond Earth’s technological advances.

Another surprising fact stunned the officer. The triangle managed to move around 6 miles in just a blink of an eye. It is also possible that one triangle disappeared, and another appeared a distance away, making an illusion of tremendous transfer of location.

Another police officer came forward to corroborate the sighting. Officer Craig Stevens was taking a break just 15 miles away in Millstadt. When he was about to return to his vehicle, he heard the chatter, but the transmission was broken. However, he heard enough to understand, so he join the hunt. He later provided a detailed description of what he witnessed, and made a sketch of the object.

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