Daytime UFO video filmed over Sydney, Australia 17-Jan-2015

UFO orb

Here’s a new footage of a bright unidentified flying object or orbs hovering in the sky above Sydney in Australia. This was taken on 17th January 2015.

Witness report: Summoned UFO in Sydney, Australia on 1/17/2015 As I filmed this I witnessed a very small high speed strobing orb flying around the harbor about 50 feet off the water. This orb or orbs in addition to the main one in the video fly through the screen at various points. Can somebody check this out and tell me if you’re seeing the same thing at these time points? You will need to stop/start freeze frame as they are incredibly fast! Watch on a large screen if possible. (2:09 incredible speed left to right) (3:08 right bottom corner) (3:18 diagonal bottom right corner) (4:34 possible orb ejection out of main orb..unsure!) (4:38 bottom to top-center) (5:25 very high speed left to right diagonal) (5:32 orb flies from bottom left to top right in front of the 2 building erratically) That’s about it. Let me know if you spot more. Thanks for your help. Patrick Ryan El Segundo, CA

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  1. that was very interesting! stationary objects in the sky! the last one that darts across at the end was probably a bug. but the other two were interesting.

  2. At 21:28 hrs. on 15/1/15 I witnessed a disk shaped craft fly from between CbD and opera house, directly above me at Mrs Macquarie’s chair at around 1200ft for approx. 15 seconds. Over last year I see them to often to report.

  3. You are lucky to see one so bright for so long. They are everywhere all over Sydney, Chasing planes , birds , all over the suburbs but not that bright. I have film of them, they arrived in August 2014.

  4. I have video I took of similar things, daytime, 30 minutes of the same…and I did get a zoom close up .and I do have a saucer in my video seemingly in the middle of a formation of these round things . Hovering…so, real. What ever they are. Mine is from Oregon coast ,2003.

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