Huge UFO filmed over Sydney, Australia 20-Jan-2015

Sydney UFO

New video of large UFO/Orb flying across the sky above Sydney in Australia. This happened on Tuesday, 20th January 2015.

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  1. I’m sure it is unidentified f. o. but from that distance it could be almost anything that flies. I know it’s tough but video’s of flying objects are not an interest unless they can be actually seen and not the sunlight reflecting off them. I know people will continue to send in and video these flying spots and declare UFO but use discretion…

  2. Well believe or not, I saw five silver orbs flying in the sky with another close to the group 4pm in Newcastle NSW clear blue sky this week up very high, much higher than aircraft. Ran to get my video cam and after a few minutes searching and retrieving it couldn’t find them any longer.

  3. ‘Huge UFO filmed over Sydney’
    Where in this video could the term ‘Huge’ be justified?
    It’s something a male uses to describe his sexual ego!
    This ‘object’ was never ‘huge’ and hardly worth watching, hence perhaps, why the person who took the footage needs to describes it as ‘huge’ in order to justify it!

  4. Lazlo has had enough experience with taking video pics of objects/lights in the sky to be able to finally give us a spacially and positional stable reference frame from which to guage absolute motion and not motion relative to the laterally moving clouds; this is likely a ploy to confuse a daytime video recording of the planet Venus which would normally appear virtually stationary against a sky background of moving cloud. I have taken a confirmed video recording of such an observation, which is not that uncommon, if you check the data online; Ask Lazlo to provide us with the date , time and location of his event !!! As a simple exercise with an astro chart computer program, anyone can check the position of the planet Venus – don’t be surprised, they WILL coincide !!!

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