Unknown lights filmed over Chile 31-Dec-2014

Chile UFO

Here’s one interesting UFO video of a bright lights hovering in the night sky above Iquique, a port city and commune in northern Chile. This was taken on Wednesday, 31st December 2014.

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  1. I have witnessed something exactly like these orbs in southeast Michigan a couple of yrs ago. The two I saw that night were the about the same size as these orbs. The smaller one was the most active. Originally, I saw the smaller one approach the large orb at an incredible amount of speed. Thought that the smaller one was to crash into the large one. It stopped on a dime and start communicating with the other one. It would go forward at a high rate of speed, stop on a dime and then go in reverse back to the large orb. It did this twice. The last move the smaller orb did was it shot out to the west of the large orb at an even higher speed and kept going until I couldn’t see it again. I had no obstructions in a clear sky and it put a distance of at least 100 miles of the large object in 5 seconds. Meanwhile the larger orb sat in the same spot blinking as it did in this video. Witnessed this show for about 12 mins. back in April, 2013.

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