Accessible PDF Format Of Project Blue Book Files Removed

bluebook onlineThe news regarding the easy access to the U.S. Air Force’s files on its investigation into the UFO phenomenon started a surge of interest in the Project Blue Book Collection. Though not new to the Internet, these files were made more accessible than they had been in the past. The Black Vault website posted a PDF format of these UFO sighting reports and cases from the late 40s to the end of the 60s, and many media outlets picked unusual cases to feature in their respective sites.

However, the document of UFO cases and sightings is no longer available at The Black Vault website. Why? Fold3, a site that features military files and a subsidiary to, informed the owner of The Black Vault John Greenewald that they have a digital copyright over the documented records.

In a statement by Greenewald presented on Openminds, he says that and subsidiary Fold3 forced him to remove the digital version of the Project Blue Book material. They claim that they own the copyright of all the files, even though the material has long been considered a public domain by the National Archives & Records Administration (NARA). Greenewald claims that Fold3 does not have the material in their archive, but still the is claiming full ownership to the digital version.

Greenewald credited Fold3 with a direct link to their site for some files of the material. He says that he never hid Fold3 as a source even in some of his media interviews, but were cut out as it appears that no one interested in that story, and people are just interested of the new archive he made.

Greenewald reveals that he received no document coming from his web hosting provider to prove ownership of or Fold3. He says that he was forced to remove the entire site based on an evidence-less claim. He took the site down in good faith hoping that a compromise could be reached.

Fold3 direct link had credit on the front page of The Black Vault website for some of the files, and Greenewald claims that it resulted in over 12 percent increase in their statistics. Greenewald also claims that his link to their site multiplied their hits by ten times in only five days based on the statistics posted on their page.

Greenewald says that he told them that his site had more information than what is cited in Fold3, but they did not care about that explanation. He adds that he even offered banner ad to advertise Fold3, aside from the direct link, with no share for him, but they also did not care about the offer.

Greenewald discloses that they offered him to become a member of their affiliate program and get a portion of sales generated, but he declined.

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  1. If I was Greenwald, I would put those files back up and wait for proof that has ownership. How can they? They are in the public domain as soon as they are released through the freedom of information act.

  2. Something sounds strange to me. Greenwald has been doing this for years. So why would he back down so easily, and remove files? Especially with such an important document as Project Blue Book.

  3. What part of public domain do these people not understand? WTF is there problem? I would put the site back up Mr. Greenwald. Don’t let them take away our rights and freedom. I’m pissed! I would recommend everyone contact and and tell them what you really think. I did.

  4. Strange how copyright is awarded to public documents when the powers of the day know that the UFO community has been waiting for the freedom of information act to come into effect with regards to this particular documents.It seems that this documents hold significant information that needs to be protected even further.This smacks of controversy.The freedom of information act is all about control for the fools that has the need to keep citizens focused on keeping the economy running without asking questions about subjects that has the potential of disruption or exposure of the truth .Voluntary Disclosure from government in terms of the UFO subject is not in sight in the near future.

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