Amazing UFO sighting filmed over Vero Beach, Florida 27-Jan-2015 + UPDATE

Vero Beach UFO lights

Here’s this interesting UFO video that was recorded from Vero Beach, a city in Indian River County, Florida. This was filmed on Tuesday, 27th January 2015.

Check out this amazing piece of footage here:

And here are some interesting comments from Youtube:

Vero Beach UFOs

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5th February 2015 UPDATE:

A lot of people are contacting me and reporting more sighting from this area. It looks like Vero Beach recently became a very popular UFO hotspot!

Here’s one report from Mark, he had a sighting on 31st January, four days after the video above was recorded:

A constant bright orange dot in the southwest that would occasionally drift sideways to the west.
At first, I thought it was a night launch – they’re kinda common around here – but launches typically are seen to the north. This was to the southwest.
The color and brightness was reminiscent of a launch, but it was more constant, no flicker to it..
It seemed to stay at the same altitude, but moved sideways a couple of times, slowly, to the west..
I watched it for about a minute or two, and it faded out.

When I got home, I posted on Facebook ‘Did anyone else see that’? but got no responses.
The thought crossed my mind that it could be a Chinese lantern drifting in the wind, but it seemed too high and too bright.
I wouldn’t have reported this, had I not just now seen the January 25th report of similar sightings in the same town.

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Another interesting photo was taken in the same place on Tuesday, 3rd February 2015:

Vero Beach UFO
Vero Beach UFO // Click on the photo to enlarge
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    • First of all the first one was already there by the time they filmed it, so we couldn’t see where it came from, but the second one seemed to just appear, I don’t know what you saw, I didn’t see it being “shot at an angle”. Now it could have been dropped from a plane and just ignited in mid air, but it wasn’t shot up at an angle, look again.

    • Wow this is so cool thanks for sharing it. Wished I was there. I have seen a few of these in my area. They are not shooting stars bcz they leave no trail and they disappear. Not flares either..a flare would have a different pattern

      • You saw this on January 27th I ask saw this on January 27th in deep south Texas towards the eastern sky in the direction of Florida geographically I was so amazed by it and it was like a reddish orangush ball of light that stay

    • i saw the same light 6 months ago on hutchinson island moving slow to the south–it was far offshore–i was with my pup fishing it made a turn toward me–the sun had already set. it was approaching me a t a fast rate of speed–close to the surface and about 300 yards i saw two other lights turn on as it approached me–they were white –100 yards away lights went off and no noise was heard–same color orange bright light–was it a drone ? or something else

      • U.F.O. stands for “Unidentified Flying Object”. So… This thing, alien or not, is exactly that. An unknown object flying through the air.

    • Back in 1992 and had a similar experience , I was walking on the beach at dusk in India and thought that’s funny there is 2 more small suns in the sky , they remained there and then just like air the wind they blew away !

    • Careful who you’re calling a douche lest you appear that way yourself.

      These lights look exactly like an illumination round fired from a large weapon platform such as a howitzer. Would a howitzer be firing out over the water? I don’t know. Possibly for training or a rescue.

      The point is the way they burst in the sky with no smoke trail is consistent with an illumination round being fired (they leave no smoke trail while traveling into the sky) and bursting in the air (they are on a time fuse). The way they are lit within ~1min of each other and in a pattern next to each other’s “threshold of illumination” is also consistent with a single weapon platform being used to fire both rounds consecutively. The flickering of the lights is consistent with the gentle flickering of an illumination round (I believe caused by the burning phosphorus or whatever chemical used).

      They are basically a burning chemical light on a fancy little parachute (similar to the cool little fireworks that do the same thing) so they float slowly to the ground, or in this case water, just like this video. They are fired at an altitude and with a timed fuse so that they aren’t too high in the air to be effective but also so they go out before hitting the ground (sometimes they don’t and can cause serious damage to people and property when they hit the ground). This is exactly what we see in the video here.

      The big fallacy here is comparing these to flares. A “traditional” flare is a more like a bottle rocket in that the propulsion element, or charge, is attached to the projectile so you get the trail of smoke you see in the movies when castaways are launching flares into the sky. The charge used to propel an illum round is fully exhausted, or burned, at the moment it is fired meaning that the smoke would only be around where it was fired from. Think of it as a bullet. A bullet does not leave a smoke trail the same way an illum round doesn’t.

      • I replied to the wrong comment. Sorry for that, but my comment is still valid. Few other points to address because the comments here are so fantastically ignorant to how things actually work.

        “They move sideways so they can’t be flares/must be a craft of some kind.” Wrong. Flares and illumination type rounds like I’ve described above are known to move “sideways” on wind and air currents. This is completely normal and something you can test with a $1 firework.

        “They stay lit for like 10 minutes or way too long to be flares or illumination rounds of some kind.” Wronger. An artillery fired illum round remains lit for approximately 2 minutes before going out suddenly. The lights in this video remain lit for approx. 2 minutes as they drift slowly lower towards the horizon and then extinguish suddenly. These lights appear and behave like an m485A2 (illum round) almost exactly.

        • Thanks, Artyvet! I timed the lights in this video. Each one lasts 3 minutes (almost exactly). The m485A2 lasts 120 seconds. Do you know which illumination round remains lit for 180 seconds? Also, no boat or plane was heard or seen according to observers using night vision goggles. If these are illumination rounds, what delivery method do you think it could have been? Finally, no reflection is seen on the water from the lights in the sky (at least in this video)–why would that be? Thanks for your help in figuring out these details!

      • finally a decent and informative description. thanks artyvet, sounds like you know what you’re talking about. (hence the vet in your name)

  1. Their colour, variability in brightness, trajectory and time all point to flares. Any comment that smoke could not been seen is irrelevant considering the apparent distance and that no specifications as to the optical equipment available were given. It saddens me that a doctor has thrown out the use of empiricism and has replaced it with a belief system which appears to primarily benefit himself.

  2. The AN/PVS-7b Gen 3 night vision goggle so proudly and prominently stated in the comment section by one of the participants has a magnification of x1; that’s it. It’s sees as we see so in fact it has NO magnification at all. Given that the lights appear at or close to the horizon and when we use the formula for calculating distance – a 6′ person standing on the shore is seeing the horizon approximately 3 miles away (Same person on a 100′ tower so eye is 106′ above sea level is seeing the horizon at a little over 12 nautical miles) – not seeing any smoke is not surprising. Failure to notice aircraft or water craft in the area does not discount the likelihood they were there. Their colour, variability in brightness, trajectory and time all point to flares. A bit more empirical work would be appreciated.

  3. I believe these are real. I have never seen one look like this, but have seen my fair share of both saucers and orbs. All up close. You naysayers, you do not have to believe. I have seen with my own eyes.

    • Years ago I was on I95 heading from St. Lucie County into Indian River County when I saw three objects in the sky form a triangle. The vehicles in front of me were slamming on their brakes and sitting in the middle of the highway watching these objects. Then they broke formation and sped off in different directions. I have been to many Blue Angels show and Air Shows…this was NOT an air show over I95. I don’t know if this is real but I don’t doubt it.

  4. This is exactly what me, my husband and two friends saw on December 14th at around 9:00 PM over Phoenix, AZ. To be more precise, we were in Chandler, AZ. I saw one object from the backyard where we were all gathering, but didnt pay much attention because one other friend was just leaving. I scorted her outside and when I came back, I thought about checking the object out again. A few minutes had passed, and when I went back there were FIVE golden/orange objects hovering on that same direction. I called out my husband and friends and they all saw it. We were staring at them for a few minutes, when they started disappearing one by one, like a flame that goes out smoothly, exactly like in this film. After the last one disappearead, everyone started doing their own things and I decided to stay and tried to communicate with them, something I had never done before. I concentrated and started saying (mentally) that I had seen them, that I know they are here, and that I really wanted them to come closer so I could see them again. It was a feeling of trust actually. While I was doing this, looking at that same direction, one light appeared out of nowhere almost above me, but this time it waslighter, whitish color. It got brighter. I called my friend again to come quicky, but in a few seconds, it desapperead the same way the others did, and he didn´t get to see it. In that same night, I posted this on MUFFOn´s site. Really amazing! I guess they heard me afterall.

    • I too have seen and believe. My issue is with the assertions made in this video; they are quick to jump to conclusions in this video with no investigation. To promote the idea that we are being visited means we must be vigilant in bringing forward evidence that it more likely than not, unexplainable except for the extraterrestrial answer. Belief does not negate our need to be rational and reasonable in our statements of fact.

  5. In what direction was the sun setting?
    Looks to me like a normal sunset being refracted around a low cloud.
    This is a quite common physical phenomena.

    • sir, i’m sure these people would know if they were looking at a sun. a sun doesn’t just appear like that anyways and the sky around would still be blue. this was recorded at night.

    • Well since we all know the Sun sets in the West, it couldn’t have been the Sun, as Vero Beach is on the East coast of Florida. Not the Sun.

      • Thanks for the update.
        I live in the centre of England. The sun sets in the west here as well! What I did not know was the location of the sighting. I have seen an identical sunset due to refraction around low clouds on or below the horizon.
        I only mentioned it as a possibility in this case. Especially as the lights were dropping, and the sky was blue in some of the shots.
        In July 2012, I saw a saucer shaped craft above my house. It came out of a cloud and followed an aircraft which banked towards London Heathrow airport. The UFO went into another cloud leaving an oval hole.
        Just before the UFO first appeared I had been watching a yellow diamond shaped probe that was suspended below the cloud. I rushed in to fetch my camera, and as I raised it, the probe went back up into the cloud leaving a square shaped hole. The UFO was probably about 25 feet wide and was a brownish colour. Unfortunately my digital camera did not auto focus quickly, so I was unable to get any pictures.
        I have seen a similar smooth round craft on a video on the Internet. There were no obvious windows.

  6. Too bad there aren’t a few more intelligent comments here adding to the debate. Anyway, the AN/PVS-7b Gen 3 night vision goggle so proudly and prominently stated in the comment section by one of the participants has a magnification of x1; that’s it. It’s sees as we see so in fact it has NO magnification at all. Given that the lights appear at or close to the horizon and when we use the formula for calculating distance – a 6′ person standing on the shore is seeing the horizon approximately 3 miles away (Same person on a 100′ tower (so eye is 106′ above sea level) is seeing the horizon at a little over 12 nautical miles) – not seeing any smoke is not surprising. Failure to notice aircraft or water craft in the area does not discount the likelihood they were there. Their colour, variability in brightness, trajectory and time all point to flares.

  7. So people dont believe wherein the fact is the government is spending a lot of money from your tax for UFO research and why aiming to send people to Mars while the moon is there just waiting and its nearer?They have not yet investigated the entire moon surface.Is it becoz there are already creatures residing there?or maybe Apollo 18 mission is true?so many govt conspiracy when it comes to this matter..headache.hahahha!

  8. I have never seen flares so really shouldn’t comment. But it should be easy to find out if flares were indeed dropped at the time. Whatever they are, I would hesitate to say Alien!
    And whyy does the video seem jerky and slowed down? The lights would ceetainly move faster at normal speed.

  9. “No you are wrong these are not navel flares. We would have heard them going off.” ~ Ricky Butterfass. If that is the case then please answer the following because if you can not then you can not make such a definitive statement: 1) What is the loudness in decibels of a navel flare? 2) At what distance was the object seen? 3) What was the wind speed and direction at the time of the sighting both at your location and the location of the objects? 4) What was the air temperature? 5) What was the barometric pressure? 6) What was the humidity? All these affect the travel of sound so until you can answer them you can not make the definitive statement…”We would have heard them going off”.

  10. There seem to be two questions that are getting confused here: 1) Does one believe in UFOs/extraterrestrial visitation? and 2) Does one believe this video definitely shows UFOs in flight? I say YES to #1 and and a likely NO #2 BECAUSE there was not a proper investigation done but merely statements made of belief and erroneous comments around the physicality of the event that must be challenged empirically. If each case is not investigated and judged on its own merits all we do is come off looking foolish and even desperate to belief rather than believing for sound reasons.

  11. Several cameras firmly fixed on trepods and none equiped with a large magnification optic ? Sounds really amateur for these organized people.

  12. Kinda looks like some bonfires built on one of the little islands off the coast. I’m FROM Vero Beach. There ARE little islands out there.

  13. I saw these last night (Feb 2, 2015) at my client’s house in Vero Beach, FL. They were just sitting in the sky over the horizon for about 30 minutes, not doing anything and then they just disappeared into thin air. Other freaky things started happening after they disappeared.

  14. I live in Vero Beach. Ive seen this before. When i saw it,the balls of light never moved, tey just slowly faded out. I have seen so much activity off of our beaches since I moved ere in 1994. Lights, orbs, ufos going in and out of the ocean.. its easy to want to discredit and debunk anything unless you yourself have experienced the… unidentified 🙂

  15. Did anyone notice the light that flashed to the left of the guy on the left’s head, right at the water line, at the 3:11 mark of the video?

  16. These are military illumination rounds. I spent a good portion of my adult life shooting artillery in the Army, and these are definitely those. We shoot them from cannons, and these cannons can be as much as 20km from your position in the Army. The Navy has much, much bigger cannons and can shoot them from upwards of 100 miles. So, no ufo, just current technology being misidentified. If you look at the video, you can see the flicker. The round shoots out a parachute with a burning canister that gives off the huge light plume. They took this video near sunset where the plume would give off the greatest signature in the camera lens.

    • i noticed there is no reflection on the water, like a setting sun does. those flares look bright enough to do that. are they that far away?

  17. We saw this from Sebastian main st boat ramp last night, 2 hovering light over the ocean, the 2 lights we saw came closer together before going out,

  18. I believe that there has to be something out there, if there is life on our planet why not life on others. We are aliens to them. . . but these are rescue flares.

    • Feb 2 Monday night. Sebastian fl. I and a few others witness same looking 2 objects over the ocesn. We suspected they were flares and called it into the police. I don’t believe in ufo but do have to say this entire story seems a bit bizarre!

  19. Looks like flares dropped from a plane to me. No “going off” to hear… Though at that distance you wouldn’t hear anything as flares aren’t half as loud as a gunshot.

  20. I have seen this same color ball flying 4 years ago in Vero Beach, during the day, flying towards the nuclear power plant!!! Thank you making it clear that I’m not crazy!!!! I do believe you 🙂

  21. I have seen the same lights over the Atlantic ocean more then 30yrs ago. Nobody believed me. So every night I would take a friend and we would sit on the same beach till one night he saw the same light moving in every directions. To this day there is no know object that can travel through the sky in this fashion. People just admit it WE ARE NOT ALONE

  22. This is the biggest load of crap! There is no movement of water, no movement of grasses. And if you were going to “welcome” these so called ufo’s, you’d probably move closer, like down near the waters edge. This is a complete hoax!

  23. I totally agree with Colleen. This is unfortunately a hoax. No movement of the seagrass? No movement of the tide? Looks like a daytime shot, yet they timestamp this as 9:15 PM. Did you notice the heavy coats and ski caps? The temperature that day in Vero Beach was 74 degrees during the day, and 51 degrees that night…..really no need for a heavy jacket and ski cap unless the wind was blowing…..and, aha…..the seagrass still is not moving!! The person(s) who took the time to put something together like this, really needs to be more productive with their time.

    • I know the people who took the film and it is authentic (not faked). It looks like a daytime shot due to the new night vision camera that is actually able to shoot night shots in colour instead of the former green cast on everything filmed. Also, the group stays up very late (often to after 1 am), so the heavy coats etc are for the dampness and chill that come with the late hours on the beach. The lack of movement of the seagrass suggests there is not much wind in that area. The woman’s long hair also does not blow around, which it would if there were winds gusting in that area.

  24. Feb 2 Monday night. Sebastian fl. I and a few others witness same looking 2 objects over the ocesn. We suspected they were flares and called it into the police. I don’t believe in ufo but do have to say this entire story seems a bit bizarre!

  25. I literally walked out my apartment in downtown vero THAT NIGHT, and saw something in the sky!!! It looked like a rocket but NASA doesn’t send up rockets from our space station anymore…..

  26. … FOOLS….Fools….FOOLS..!!!….The fool leading this Yoga gaggle needs a hook to keep his subjects in his realm of belief so he can con and clean them them all out of more money. In fact he’s probably paid a nice chunk of change to a fishing trawler to set off those flares. It’s so Ironic and seemingly well staged that this would happen exactly when he and all his mindless followers are at the beach aligning their Shakras. And that they all, rather then meditate, also ironically have lasers, Cameras, and other measuring equipment as you hear the lead fool mention. What a bunch of Rich Fools and Suckers.

  27. Sorry folks if you believe this was a ufo sighting, military illumination rounds. Navy and Air Force both do a lot of training and testing in and around the east coast of Florida. I know since I help develop new technology to keep our boys and girls safe.

  28. Could be trident missile launches from offshore sub. I witnessed the exact same thing many years ago. They are far offshore and heading out to sea, so you see the rocket from the tail. They are getting higher, but because they are also moving father away from the beach toward the horizon, they appear stationary or just to be moving very slowly. First up then down – depending on how far away they are and when you first see them.

  29. The Navy does not always publicize the launches – especially if it is a foreign government testing in our range.

  30. I saw a very similar event in May 2014 on a Disney Cruise. We saw the same two spots and they did the exact same thing BUT the only difference was that they both SPLIT into two. Each had a second fireball shall we say go above the existing ones. I reported it to the ship but they stated their radars did not pick up any activity. Was about 5:30 to 6 pm time period AND I HAVE a photo. Just don’t know how to upload it here to share. Also we were facing West.


  32. I do believe in alien life & that someone has visited our Earth however I think this is a hoax. 1. As pointed out before, Vero is on the east coast & if you look southwest you’ll be staring over land, not the Atlantic. 2. The time stamps are off & 3. The video employs classic hoax techniques – manipulated feamerate, super shaky hands, fading in/out. 4. They do a lot of military training off the coast, try better to rule out the obvious before declaring this is alien life. It’s a ufo because it’s an unidentified flying object. That doesn’t mean it’s alien in origin, simply unidentified.

  33. I have seen these same type of objects at Hawaii. Definitely not flares. My wife and others witnessed it also. On two occasions. I have also seen a deep space craft trave to the vicinity of earth in less than a minute.

  34. So I live in this area, and the while we have our share of Military bases in Florida, nothing close enough to Vero that would be launching flares that large into the sky off the coast of Vero, Florida. Nor have I head of any kind of military precense off my coast. I served in the army for 6 years, 3 tours to Iraq, I lived a stones throw away (150 feet) from an artillery teams fire pit, I’ve seen large flares and I know that anything that burns; whether it is fired from a cannon or dropped from a plane leaves a smoke trail. (A flare is an illumination round) have you ever watched a Roman Candle on the 4th of July or New Years? It is a burning ball of light (aka a tiny flare round) it leaves a smoke trail behind it that is quite evident, and military flares are no exception. The only smokeless burn is a chemical burn, which would be detrimental to the ecosystems in this area.

    Also, 51 degrees is cold in Florida, come acclimate to our weather and see how it feels. It is dark, otherwise in the first frames you wouldn’t see any stars, and they wouldn’t be talking about Infared lights and night vision cameras. Which ironically explains why some pictures appear to be almost in daylight, however in what I assume was a camera without any night time filming capabilities the two glowing objects appear to be two separate objects both move in multiple directions (if you didn’t notice the unmoving Sea grass) (side note, the water has waves but since the beach they are occupying has a dune that they are sitting on the back side of, so that the wind of the beach doesn’t interfere with their recordings. If you were a night time beach goer in this area you would know that as well. So all I can say is this, it doesn’t look like any flares I have ever seen, it also doesn’t have an explanation I can offer, but would I like to know more about it, most definitely.

    If we aren’t alone, stop teasing me I want to see some hot space ladies, what!!! Whatever, lol.

  35. who are you to tell someone you probably don’t know to get out of your way, like you own the rights to these “lights in the sky” YOU MOVE if you don’t like the angle. I would say you get on your knees but Iam sure you just got up from them…

  36. Did it ever occur to anyone that UFO’s are not “Extraterrestrial” Beings, but instead possibly humans from this very Earth in the distant future that have finally learned to “Time-travel”, and are visiting us in the past? 🙂

  37. You know how nasa sent probes through the galaxy, well in my opinion most unexplained sightings are just that testing of classified probes or drones being tested to perhaps to enter the air spaces of distant unknown planets to search for inhabited and inhabitable planets… So simply put what people are seeing are testing by military persons, and scientists, and that’s why they are seen world wide, even in underdeveloped or third world countries…..

  38. I saw these same objects on February 2nd for ten minutes they burned off the coast of satellite beach. We had no idea what they were till I saw this .

  39. It’s such a slo video. And the woman on the right and in fact others seem more interested in the camera person that the actual, very exciting (I would think) lights in the sky.

  40. On Jan 27 I saw the exact same thing in the eastern sky towards Florida geographically I am located in deep south Texas and I found it fascinating..this would be the second time I encountered this phenomena back in 1992 I saw the very same reddish orangish ball of light floating in the sky basically stationary and slowly faded out and the recent event the same thing in the same exact part of the sky towards the same direction I just feel that there is more to this and I would like to know more about what I saw I his find it cool that im mot the only one who saw this and more than a thousand miles away

  41. They are real. The only thing wrong is that the wacko nut speaking has no idea that they are all demonic and not from other planets.

  42. I appreciate the person speaking asking that the people there welcome these beautiful “beings”, but how does anyone know these “beings” don’t want to rip our faces off and take over the planet earth??

  43. I appreciate the person speaking asking that the people there welcome these beautiful “beings”, but how does anyone know these “beings” don’t want to rip our faces off and take over the planet earth??

  44. I believe it to be some type of a mirage, or mirror image due to the strong reflections of light in the first one that appeared. A mirage would appear, especially if it was close to the water, plus there appeared to possibly be, rain squalls near the sighting. I believe it was the sun’s own, ‘Double Reflection.

  45. I can’t say for sure what they are, but I do not know of any flares that hover on the sky. When I was in the Air Force I heard many rumors of ufo’s and extraterrestrial life being real. I personally have never seen a ufo, but I do believe in them.

  46. It seems to me too strange to be considered UFO from the most researchers here!I never seen a flare in my life but the lights have the same type of attitude (lenght of bright and slow falling over sea) and the speaker I Think that don’t know what is saying. Obviusly there to male easy money from astounished people!the first flare has a fireline orange by the left… Maybe the second flare is fired from other side of Vero Beach. STOP PLAYING WITH PEOPLE BELIEVES!

  47. The only flares here are the ones these fakers insist on wearing with their Jesus hair beard combo. Of course these are alien spacecraft, these and others are seen a thousand times a day in every country..its so obvious now its beyond ANY..doubt whatsoever.

  48. I’m trying to understand why even after seeing it in print and video, how come we’re DESPERATE to debunk it. I’ve only recently learned about the connection between that type of meditation and connecting to other life force so to me, this isn’t a shocker but a magical surprise. You are all so blessed to have been part of such a validating event. It don’t get better than this!

  49. Next time you want to film UFO ‘s, tell the idiot who stands in front of the cameras that are recording, to stay at home. Nobody wants to view the back of his skull !

  50. Just received a report from a fellow and his girlfriend who also saw a UFO on South Beach and on 27th Ave in 2016. They have it on their cell phones and have no idea what it was. Looked quite authentic! Susan Cerdan Director/Founder The FURST Group, The Florida UFO Research & Study Group

  51. Quote from above article;
    “At first, I thought it was a night launch – they’re kinda common around here – but launches typically are seen to the north. This was to the southwest.”

    These people are sitting on the beach. They are looking at lights out over the ocean. That is not south west, it is east. If your at the beach In Vero, and looking south west, you are looking over land, not ocean.

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