A Sneak Preview Of Roswell Alien Photo Slides

Roswell Alien

Recently, an announcement has been made that the much-awaited photographic slides of an alien taken in 1947 will be provided to the public on May 5, 2015 during an event in Mexico City to be presented by Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan.

A trailer for an approaching documentary on the slides has been featured as part of the announcement. Interestingly, a screenshot from the trailer may have showed the actual so-called alien photograph.

alien from roswellProduced by Slidebox Media, the documentary trailer may reveal much more than what the researchers intended. The trailer provides some background information about the slides and the original owners of the photos. But, it seems that the trailer also presents a hint of what the alien in the slides looks like through an image from the computer graphics.

Original slide has been blurred whenever it has been shown in the documentary or other researchers’ presentations. However, in one scene in the documentary, a researcher uses a magnifier in looking at one of the slides.

Founder of The UFO Chronicles website, Frank Warren, zoomed in on the slide, and it resulted in a clearer picture of what the alien actually looks like. The more defined picture shows some kind of a body lying on a stretcher looking thing with a ruler nearby. It may have been a clearer version of the slide that has been deliberately blurred.

Don Schmitt and Tom Carey, two veteran UFO researchers, have examined the authenticity of the slides, and they are both convinced that a genuine extraterrestrial being can be seen on the slides. The alien being is believed to be from Roswell event in July 1947 that was recovered by the American military.

The two researchers claimed that they have talked to military witnesses of the Roswell aliens, and they can confirm that the alien in the slides is similar to what the witnesses have described.

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  1. Jaime Maussan is grandstanding an event to make money, he has to present something that will bring in enough revenue to pay for all the Talent he has mustered from the UFO Field. This isn’t news, valuable UFO information or even a study to identify extraterrestrials but an advertisement for a big event on the Mexican Independence Day celebration. Maussan is a sensationalist and an opportunist and will benefit royally from this event. I could be wrong but I know with all the hype this will be an expensive show…

  2. Hello you are right they are alians out there I swear they are as I have a video of them there are at least two of them . I’m scared they know we’re I live they have a black mark on it’s head. My mobile is 0488276600

  3. So what if people are gonna make money off this!? So what!? If I had the slides, I’d try to make money, too. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what has been happening across the net since this discovery was announced. Disinformation folks along with their cult followers have been attempting to debunk this latest episode in the Roswell saga before even seeing the slides and all of the information pertaining to their authentification. Some idiots have actually claimed that the slides have already been debunked. These imbeciles will continue to make noise in an effort to make those with a casual interest in the Roswell incident believe the slides discovery is nothing more than a hoax and a money-grab. But for those who have studied closely the history of this event and read all of the testimony from the witnesses, these slides could prove to be another crack in the government’s explanation of the incident. There is no question that an alien spacecraft with occupants crashed near Roswell in 1947. The naysayers say there is no proof. The proof can be found within the vast testimony provided by the numerous witnesses who stepped forward in the years after like Jesse Marcel Sr. And perhaps more proof will be contained within the slides? The disinformation jackasses and their cult, however, want to tell you now that the slides are a hoax. They know nothing but yet claim to know everything. Who are the real liars here?

  4. Looking forward to this. It’s in my diary. I have a good feeling that this year will mark the beginning of full disclosure on the whole UFO agenda….

  5. At first sorry for bad english.
    No aliens will visit us, as long as money and religions rule us. Our limited technology, radical practice of religions and being controlled by money, brings more and more death and pain as more as our population rise. Either we go to mars, or we go more deep to space, we will feel alone, find no answer, no god. Charity, bonhomie, sympathy, tolerance to each other and not to be first or to have more should the way of our lifes. Of course we will at last find them, but do they want to speak with us?! When we not change us, then we will bring them death or they will show us not to be our friends. But when we change us, then we dont need to find them, they will show themselves. And wonderful things will happen. Then we will see what we did an will be ashamed. What happened is happened, or must have happened, who knows. Humanity, show the intergalactic cosmic community that we can change us, stop making wars, stop producing weapons, stop destroying nature, remove money, borders and the meatindustry. We are brothers and sisters. Open your heart and exceed the horizon. Life is not only earth, the gigantic universe is there! Love and peace to everyone of you.

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