Interesting triangle UFO filmed over Texas, 2014

Triangle UFO Texas

New video of a triangular-shaped UFO hovering in the night sky above Mission in US state Texas. This was seen and recorded on 11th August 2014

Witness report: a little after 10:00 pm I went outside to test my sony camcorder and observed a triangle shaped object moving in a westward direction at a good rate of speed, the sighting lasted about three minutes. the object was emitting a strange pulsating hum like a transformer, the object headed off to the west and i shot video for as long as it was visible. the object stayed on a steady course as it flew in a direct path to the west. I have taped unusual phenomena in the past and have submitted previous ufo footage to mufon so I was i a stable emotional state as I videoed this object, my strongest emotion was curiosity.

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. I really wish some of these “triangle” UFOs would have more detail. Or that this site would stop showing airplanes and calling them UFOs.

  2. Yep my kiddo saw it too! Hes 14 sent me a video in August when he was staying at his Nana’s that night watching his little cousins , which me being his Mom I know when hes telling the truth or not, and I could most defiantly tell he was completely in shock when he was recording as was his little 5 year old cousin. he was in east Arlington by GM when he got his video..Very low flying Triangle Craft hovered for a ittle while right above his head.

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