Woman Takes A Video Of A Triangle-Shaped UFO Over Mississippi

Mississippi UFO

As most parts of North Mississippi were being dumped by snow, one woman claims she saw something that should not be part of a winter. Paranormal investigator Angela Ashton believes she saw a UFO. Ashton, a certified member of Cryptic Shadows Paranormal Research, says she ran outside when she saw the object to get a video of it.

Ashton says that the UFO was at least of the same size of a football field. According to her report, she was laying in her bed when she saw a huge, bright blinding light through a huge window of her bedroom.

Ashton says that the strange object hovered silently as she recorded it above a nearby field on Craft Road in Lewisburg, Mississippi. When she can’t resist the cold outside, she ran inside. She then saw the object shot up and vanished.

The 15-year-old witness claims she has been seeing things she can’t explain but for her, this is the first one worthy of reporting. She reveals that she has been witnessing bright lights in a similar location for several nights in the past couple of days, but all of them were not compelling to encourage her to run outside and record the activity.

It was only when the craft was much brighter, much closer and very visible when she decided to run outside at 12:46AM CST and started filming. Because of her excitement, she ran on a barefoot and stayed in the snow for a short time while filming the large UFO.

The object had hovered for approximately 20 minutes before it disappeared, according to the witness. She saw the lights pulsating and appeared to glow a red color at times. She described the shape of the craft as triangular, and because it was hovering so low, she saw the object clearly, like a 3D effect. She further claims that she saw the large UFO ejecting smaller orb lights, but not clear from her vantage point.

TV news report about this UFO sighting:

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  1. so it was there for 15 mins and all we get is a shaey 1 min video? Her feet got cold? Well go in and put some shoes on and a coat and get more footage !!!

  2. In Australia in 1996 my family and I saw a triangle similar to this up very close. It also had smaller flashing lights or drones join up with it before it left area.

  3. I would say one of ours this time. (Because it’s making a noise. usually noiseless.) And the flashing light .Just saying!

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