NASA Veteran Claims Slender Alien Hitches A Ride On The Space Shuttle

Clark McLelland

A former NASA employee claims he spotted an alien, standing approximately 9 feet tall, hitched a ride on the space shuttle. He further saw the strange creature having a quiet chat with astronauts.

Many believe that this is a conclusive evidence of the extensive, global conspiracy where nations’ leaders are in contact with aliens.

Others, however, are less sure.

In a video released on a news site, Clark C. McClelland makes the claim about the tall alien. McClelland says that he has worked for 35 years at NASA and become part of the Apollo missions. As of this writing, no one has ever disputed his claim.

A picture of him on the Space Shuttle also circulated online, which is conclusive enough to some people.

McClelland says that he unexpectedly saw an alien that he describes as gangly and slender. He explains that he was monitoring a Space Shuttle mission during that time. To his surprise, he saw something different with two astronauts in the payload bay of the Space Shuttle.

Interestingly, he claims to have seen an alien ship parked nearby. Many people have ridiculed McClelland, saying he is nuts. Others, including UFO fans, believe that those who poke fun at him only want to spread disinformation like the work of the Men in Black.

McClelland says he knows ET and alien aircraft and can identify any of the two when he see them. He believes that aliens have been on Earth and walking among humans. He suspects that these aliens may have been implanted into different governments on Earth.

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  1. dude believes aliens have been planted in certain governments. makes sense cause some of these s.o.b. treat the planet as if they have somewhere else to go. with our intellect the world should be 100 % green and peacefull..

  2. The “Human Alien Alliance” has been around since the sixties. I’m glad that McClelland has the guts to come out and say what he has seen and not toot the NASA lies.

  3. That man is absolutely correct! The aliens he refers to are here, and have been for eons. Most people don’t beleive that there are others in our Universe, but just stop and think about it….The Universe is endless, so why do we think we’re alone? Perhaps, people are afraid of something they don’t understand?? Could be!!

  4. If, those lobbying Congress can convince them to release people from the National Security Agreement, many have to sign, and they speak about their knowledge and experiences, it will signal the End of things as we know them. This al so very real and it appears sheeple are slowly waking to the realities of not being King of the Universe afterall. I for one cannot wait to see the looks on the face of those who refuse to objectively look at the eveidence, once they have their precious proof.

  5. Wish they would help stop all the violence around the world…….I love this world and would like to keep it the way it is.Its beautiful the way it is…I know it’s not perfect but that the way it is…

  6. i find it all hard to believe he seen a 9 ft alien going into the space shuttle why would aliens want to travel on our trivial technology when there supposed to travel to the moon in there crafts in 30 minutes big ? round it all i believe like it has been stated the aliens created us over billion of years of genetic restructuring the outcome is different races causing wars through religeon through persecution terrorism the worlds not a safe place now nor ever has been through mans greed for riches .the aliens will never interfere with our planet there lab rats i do believe they walk about us in our own form truth is the world governments will never ever come clean regarding them .

  7. I believe we are being deliberately kept in the dark, UNTIL such time AS THEY WANT TO MAKE THEMSELVES KNOWN TO US AT A TIME OF THEIR CHOOSING, which will coincide with Prophetic dates, and planetary alignments,and the ILLUMINATI arrangements, and all the hieroglyphic, and crop circle messages come into affect. It is all part of the NWO/Lucifarian Agenda21 plan, that has been around for many decades.They plan to drastically alter the Earth to shed it of approx 6 billion inhabitants, and with their technologies in exchange for people so called treaty arrangement, by J Edgar Hoover and Harry Trueman, amongst “Others” seems to be working to their plan, with over 300,000 people “going missing without trace” per year just in the USA, without the rest of the World’s “missing people” being taken into account.

  8. This website is getting too outlandish for me. More like the Weekly World News instead of a bona fide UFO discussion site.

  9. SERIOUSLY GUYS? Illuminati?? Agenda 21??
    Am I the ONLY one who realizes this has GOT TO BE AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE…?
    This can’t be real.
    “In a ‘video’ released on a ‘news site’…”

    Yeah. That seems legit.

  10. this website does not go far enough /thousands of abducted people are experimented upon with the U.S Gov approval

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