Unidentified flying object over Estero, Florida 29-Mar-2015

 Florida UFO

Here’s one interesting UFO video filmed over Estero in Florida. This one was taken on Sunday, 29th March 2015.

Witness report: Sitting on my couch as i looked out my patio window and i spotted this red ball going up and down. As i walked out onto my patio to observe, it stopped moving was hovering over my home. It was round and red. . 

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. I have seen a similiar object in orlando fl and i also have video of it. The object i had seen was very bright red and also green. It went striaght up in the air alternating green and red it almost looked like a bright firework. But it stopped and hovered for about 5 minutes and it stayed a constant green light standing still. I video taped a few minutes of the incident and while taping a plane came extremely close to the object and after the plane past it shot out of site within seconds. It was something amazing to see for sure but not sure what it was.

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